William Jolly Bridge, Brisbane, Queensland, Aus.

Saturday, October 7, 2017


Continuing My Story
On weekends we spent a lot of time developing a garden on our acre of property.
The plants over the septic tank grew the best.

During the week I would try to find time to do more in the garden. Sometimes I had a bunch of little helpers when Andy and Tony from next door came to play.

My number one helper was Carol.

She was a happy 18 month old.

She called a dog a 'Wow Wow.'

Some weekends we would go to Main Beach on the Gold Coast. The cold water took her breath away.


  1. Hehe, cold water at the Gold Coast. Not so much. Your remark about the plants growing well over the septic, I remember at our farm, how green the grass was at a natural channel down the hill from the house.

  2. Oh Diane, I'm supposed to be packing up the shop and heading for home. But I couldn't resist reading "your story" I love the plants that grew so well over the septic tank. The barrow of helpers is precious as is little Carol! Thanks for sharing these memories. Have a great weekend. Jo

  3. that photo of the 3 of you with the shepherd is just priceless, it says loving family without any words.

  4. the grass on daddy's septic always grew 6 inches taller than the other grass

  5. Some wonderful photos. The three helpers in the wheelbarrow is a favourite.

  6. Beautiful memories!
    Gorgeous family photos - so much energy gladly spent on the good things of life.
    We still have a septic and that line of green growth really stands out in the Summer months :D)

  7. Each photo (and caption) made me smile. You were certainly blessed with a cute group of garden helpers.