Brisbane, QLD

Monday, October 9, 2017


Continuing My Story

We celebrated Christmas with our friends Joan, Norm, Cheryl and Craig. They had just returned from PNG to live in Australia. We couldn't believe that we had bought land in the same street without even knowing.

Bill made Carol a wagon full of blocks. She enjoyed knocking down the towers that Craig built.

 After lunch we relaxed in our old, tatty, hand-me-down lounge. We were struggling on one wage in those days.

Carol got a watering can for Christmas so she could help me in the garden. I had built a rockery retaining wall from rocks found on our land or from neighbouring empty blocks.

18 months

Boxing Day picnic at Alma Park


  1. Beautiful photos and walk down memory lane.

    I can't believe how great your photos look as I'm assuming you scanned your old processed photos into the computer. Mine never look quite so good.

  2. I imagine Carol was a big help in the garden -- she was definitely an adorable helper. Thanks for sharing these photos of your life.

  3. Carol is so cute! Christmas 1973 must have been a hot one, judging by the men's "formal" attire!