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Saturday, September 16, 2017


Continuing "My Story"

For my regular readers you will be familiar with me writing occasional posts about my life story, which I then publish in book form for my family. It is a long time since I have done one of these posts. Moving and trying to find where I packed the photos is my excuse. I'm also aware that this part of my life is not that interesting for non family members, so I hesitate to post and bore my readers.

As all new mothers know, there is not much spare time in the first six months of a new baby in the house. Bill was working and I was at home. I was bathing, feeding, and changing baby as well as doing the housework. 
Carol-Ann 5 weeks
10 weeks
Bill was the photographer and he tried to take photos of our pride and joy to send to our parents. However, for the first few months, Carol wasn’t going to open her eyes and smile for anyone. She just wanted to sleep. 

From 10 weeks on we were able to get some nice shots for the grandparents.

Bill helped in the kitchen when he came home from work.

It was winter and it was nice to sit out the back in the morning sun. 

Ricky was the ever vigilant guard dog.
5 months
I loved hugging and kissing my baby.

6 months
At the end of the year (1972), we went to Sydney to spend Christmas with my parents. It was a very hot and long drive.(10 hours) It was before we had car air conditioning. We stopped to give Carol-Ann a feed, but the flies were in plague numbers. It was awful and the temperature was 40°C.

 Finally, we arrived at Grandma and Granddad’s house. We put up a little blow up pool for Carol-Ann to cool off. Our neighbour, Laila, back in Springwood, had given me a baby swing, which her children had grown out of but the fabric needed replacing. Grandma did that for us.


  1. I will never ever get bored with your memories Diane and what a treasured gift for your girls. Lovely post and will look forward to more as you have the time.

  2. How lovely to recall those first few months of motherhood.

  3. I must get back to my life story but time seems to be continually not enough!!! Have a good Sunday, t'other Diane

  4. it's not boring at all, but your 'my story' posts do produce a bit of angst for me as I always wish I were doing something just like this for my family.
    I remember some of those terribly hot drives to visit the grandparents when our kids were small... I remember having to stop to sponge the babies down with water -- yikes, it is a wonder they all survived!!~

  5. Those nightmare hot car trips. I remember them well but not for ten hours! Couldn't Bill have made one for the car? Your kitchen looks so clean and modern. It must have been a joy.

  6. Interesting Diane.
    I thought the two girls were born in PNG.

  7. How sweet. My goodness, Ricky was a big boy!

  8. Hello Diane, Carol-Ann is a cute baby. Love all the photos and the dog. Great photos and memories. Happy Sunday, enjoy your day and new week ahead!

  9. What a good thing to do, write down some family stories. Cute babies too

  10. Such lovely memories. Never boring :D)
    Love Carol-Ann's little curl - it was the thing to do after their bath wasn't it... all fresh and sweet baby smells xx

  11. I think it's fantastic that you're writing your story like this. Interesting to us outsiders and a real treasure for your family.

  12. what a great idea, but I know already I don't have the memory for minutea that you so wonderfully do...

  13. Missed seeing these for awhile, Diane, so glad to see a new one. It is very interesting to learn more of your life and that of your family. The old B&W photos are classic.

  14. Sweet photos and memories. Carol-Ann had such an expressive face. I love all her baby hair!