Rainbow Bay, Gold Coast, Queensland, Aus.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016


Our blogging friends in NZ, Marja and William, took us sight seeing on the morning we were leaving them to continue down the East Coast of the South Island of NZ to Timaru.
 They showed us this beautiful pebble beach, where William goes fishing.

 They took us high up the hills overlooking Christchurch and the Canterbury Plain all the way to the Southern Alps.

 On the other side of the hill we could see Lyttleton Harbour.

 Then we drove around the edge of the harbour and through the villages.

 We visited the popular Sumner Beach, where only a few days before an earthquake had shaken more of the cliffs down into the sea.

We said goodbye to our new friends, who pointed us in the direction of Timaru and off we went.We found our accommodation, Glendeer Lodge.

It was a very comfortable B&B.

 There were deer in their garden.

 And sheep down the road. "Eyes Right"

 Views from near the lodge.
Next stop Oamaru.


  1. nothing could be better than beaches and creatures and views to die for.. NZ is so very beautiful..

  2. It all looks so blue and so green. Absolutely gorgeous.

  3. It is such a beautiful country wit an amazing nature.

  4. I've never seen deer with such beautiful antlers! The landscapes you're visiting are lovely.

  5. Diane what a beautiful country.. The pebble beach are intereting I reemeber one from Brighton

  6. Spectacular indeed as is most of NZ's southern Island.
    I presume a deer farm for NZ's famous venison??
    Good to note the sheep are so alert (ahem!).
    "William of Tell" seems highly pleased with the B & B situation.
    Great report. The NZ tourist authorities will be very pleased with your
    reporting and excellent photography.

  7. Nice. Your blog header photo works really well.

  8. I'm following your South Island adventures very closely, Di as I'm in the early planning stages of a trip there next year. All my previous visits have been for a few days to towns. This time I want to wander the back roads and linger! Really enjoyed today's photos.

  9. The scenery is absolutely gorgeous.

  10. Looks lovely scenery. The B & B looks comfy.

  11. Beautiful photos. I did not realise that they were still getting quakes or tremors in NZ, it must be a bit disturbing! Love the deer in the garden. T'other Diane

  12. The scenery is beautiful beyond words, Diane, and how nice to have a guided tour from friends. Bill seemed very comfortable in the B&B too.

  13. Wonderful photos to show this beautiful country. Love the mountains and the lakes.

  14. Gosh what stunning vistas Diane.. NZ is beautiful, shocking about the earthquake, I don't think I could live where earthquakes were a regular thing.

  15. Gosh what stunning vistas Diane.. NZ is beautiful, shocking about the earthquake, I don't think I could live where earthquakes were a regular thing.

  16. I do hope we get out there one day. It looks gorgeous! Great photos Diane :)

  17. Wow---what an awesome place... IF I ever get to New Zealand (or Australia for that matter), I definitely want to meet your blog friends and have them show us around... How special is that... AND--of course, we'd want you to show us around your beautiful area also... Wonder if we will ever get there????? I can HOPE, can't I?


  18. Fabulous walk down memory lane for me Diane... am loving these posts, I have more to catch up on though!