Southern Highlands, NSW, Australia

Thursday, January 22, 2015


It was our last day of exploring in New Orleans and listening to the amusing accents of the people here. Kathy went shopping, Rob went to the WW11 museum and Bill and I explored the Garden District by street cars. The street cars that go down St Charles Ave to the Garden District are green to match  the leafy green suburb. In town they are red. Firstly we stopped at the Art Museums but both were shut on Mondays and Tuesdays??
 So back to the street car stop and we travelled to the end of the Garden District. The Garden District is not a botanic garden like we first thought but a well to do suburb where the posh houses, which have lovely gardens and the streets are lined with big shady trees. We hopped off the street car and walked through the area (looking for a coffee shop of course for you know who).

My arty shot of a lovely fountain in front of a big house.

St Charles Ave is a wide street with trees on both sides and in the middle. It is the street that the Mardi Gras parades pass down. See the tree on the right covered in strings of coloured beads.

 During Mardi Gras many strings of beads are purchased from the market and they are flung into the trees and lampposts and anything else that is handy. We couldn't find a coffee shop so we jumped on the next passing street car and returned to town.
The street car stops just opposite the famous Bourbon St .
We walked down Bourbon Street to soak up the atmosphere but we were disappointed the shops and bars all looked a bit seedy. We have been told that this street comes alive at night but I wouldn't like to be here at night.

So after a few blocks we turned down a side street to join Royal St which is a much nicer street with upmarket restaurants and shops.

We saw a nice restaurant called Mr B's Bistro. How could we walk past that? As my man is Mr B. (our last name starts with B)

They served the bread like this. We had a lovely rest and meal. Building up energy to walk down Royal St through the French Quarter.

 There were bands playing.

and actors acting. This guy looks like he's walking but he was a motionless human statue. A couple went up to him an asked if the lady could have her photo taken with him. He relaxed his pose and agreed. He gave the lady some instructions on how to be a statue before her partner took the photo

They were so good and fun to watch.

Not far along there was more music to sing along to. This was more like the  atmosphere we expected in New Orleans or as the locals say Nawlins.

I even found some more horses without cars in the way. These were used in the early days to tie your horse to. Now they are a NO icon.
Tired legs led us to the nearest streetcar stop which took us as far as the markets and then it was another 30 min walk back to the B&B.
The next day we packed and relaxed until it was time to get a taxi to the airport and look forward to a 41/2 flight to LA, a 7 hour wait for the 15 hour flight to Brisbane. We suffered the worst jet lag ever after this flight and it will be some time before we try it again.


  1. loved the scenes and characters you showed. glad you were on bourbon street during the day time, then. :)

  2. It sounds as if this was a good day for enjoying the atmosphere of 'Nawlins'. I think I would still like to is it one of these days.

  3. I'm sure you all were literally exhausted after your huge trip.. It's no wonder you had jet lag.... I lived in Nawlins for about 4-5 years and only went on Bourbon Street probably no more than 5 times that entire time.. We loved the French Quarter--and the Farmer's Market --but not Bourbon Street. Hope you had some great Nawlins food while there... That Cajun food is wonderful!!!!! Glad you rode the streetcar. My sons went to school on the streetcar. Did you take the streetcar down to Tulane University and Audubon Park? There's the neatest little grill/coffee shop there--Camellia Grill... I should have told you all about that. I worked at one of the large churches on St. Charles Avenue --and lived one street over on Prytania.

  4. My feet are aching just at the thought of all the miles you must have walked. It sounded like an amazing trip. We were in NO visiting a friend of Gregg. He took us down Bourbon Street at night. It was around Halloween and a guy in a gorilla suit and a top hat jumped in front of me and growled at me two inches from my nose. I just about keeled over with fright and wouldn't let go of Gregg's arm for the rest of the trip. We really have to get back sometime, but most definitely not at Halloween :)

  5. Sounds like some walk Diane.
    I do like your artistic photo, something different.

  6. An excellent collection of photos of New Orleans - after Katrina.
    I am so pleased I visited the city in its heydays!
    Bourbon Street has sure gone backwards - it was far cleaner and more
    vibrant even in the daylight hours and at night as safe as any street anywhere in
    the World.
    I recall the street cars up in St.Charles Avenue - they seem the same!
    The restaurant in Bourbon Street - the "Court of the Two Sisters" had a far
    more impressive entrance and the courtyard dining was incredible.
    The Basilica had a Cardinal as the Archbishop and thus was called a basilica then.
    Maybe a Cardinal is back again as the Archbishop?
    The market area looks the same as do the street entertainers.
    How come you didn't get to the Superdome? I wonder is it still one of
    the sporting, entertainment and convention places of the World??
    Well documented Diane, but I sure am glad I saw New Orleans in its
    prime days.
    PS; I think an overnight stopover in LAX would have helped with the jet lag.
    You sure undertook a trip that you won't forget or try again, eh??

    1. Oops - clarification: Bourbon Street was probably the safest street in the World
      at night for entertainment or to just wander up and down.

  7. I remember there were lots of tap dancers when I was there.

  8. That was a great tour through New Orleans ! I regret that we didn't stop there, I wonder even why, I think my aunt said it was too dangerous she was a very anxious person. It looks so South European !

  9. Diane, I have heard a lot about Bourbon St.. A real party place. thanks for the tour of New Orleans. Have a great day!

  10. Oh this looks like a place I would love to see. I think the music would be what would hold me tight. Great shots. Hug B

  11. New Orleans has so much history and my sister loved it years ago. I think listening to the music would be fabulous. Sorry to hear how tired you were after your long flight home.

  12. So much wonderful architecture in NO Diane was so nice to see it through you lens, thank you so much for taking us along.

  13. I love the balcony's and the motionless people, wow, that would kill my back. don't know how they held it like that.. like those horses to tie up our horses and i wonder how many get run over by the trolleys. the photo of the tracks looks like a prime place to get run over, and most of the people there are drinking..

  14. Looks like such a fabulous place to visit! I want to go there!!

  15. A fabulous look around New Orleans Diane and I love your arty shot. The French Quarter looks such a buzzy colourful area - some-where I'd like to visit one-day so maybe put it on my looong "Bucket List"

  16. Thanks for the memories , better with your camera than it was with mine! Nobody bothered us on that street at nite, by the way ... But I prefer exploring in daylight.

  17. I have enjoyed seeing NO through Australian eyes! You sure did a lot of walking. I hope you've rested up now and are planning your next adventure.

  18. Love your shots of N'awlins and looks as if you had a great time there. Are you sure that THEY have an accent??? LOL! Looks as if you are having more fun with your travels.

  19. What an AMAZING trip and I've had such fun reading all about it. Thank you for sharing and am sure you are more than happy to be home even though it is hot!

  20. I have always wondered what Bourbon St looks like during the day as on telly you only see it at nights time those horses look bloody great

  21. I thought I was going to be disappointed with your last day based on the 1st half of the post - but it all came together after lunch! Maybe that's the key!!

  22. Glad you got some street entertainment after all Diane. That was a fun statue fellow!
    All that walking would've served you well, being the day before the long flights. Great to see your posts and learn all about a new place via your good selves :D)

  23. Looks like another great day. I would have chosen Mr B's Bistro too! X

  24. Fantastic final photos of New Orleans!