Brisbane, QLD

Thursday, May 10, 2012


Because we live so far away from our grandson Fox we don't often get time to play with him so we are enjoying doing it now while we are visiting him in LA.
 We go to the park to play everyday.

 Sometimes we play cars on the carpet. Fox just loves emergency vehicles, except he calls them 'Neee Nawww Toot Toots.'

 Sometimes he bumps his head and then only Mummy will do.

When mummy and bubba Banjo are asleep we play quietly with Granddaddy, watching Fireman Sam. Fox's uncle David composed the music for Fireman Sam.

Sometimes we play in the back yard. 

 Sometimes we play on our iPads.

Sometimes we play 'This Little Piggy" on Grandma's bed.

Sometimes we sing and melt Grandma's and Granddaddy's heart.


  1. Delightful Diane!
    Now the OMG part!
    Photo #1. Very nice area of LA.
    Photo #3. The wonderful shot of a concerned Mummy.
    Photo #5. Well a bit on the ambitious side for the time being, anyhow.
    Photo #7. Now diplomacy comes very much into this blog report. Very difficult to know who owns the foot! Yours or Williams? I can only assume from a technical point of view that it is your foot, Diane? I doubt if William has two right feet? I shall exam both your "tooties" on your return and keep Photo #7 in my ever increasing memory box.
    Keep having fun, Australia, so far, with all the shenanigans in Canberra at present still exists.
    Colin (HB)

  2. Aw, your post is just so sweet Diane... it's melting others hearts too! Fox's shock of blonde hair is absolutely beautiful - I bet Grandma has sunk her face into it many a time :D)

  3. :) he is sooo cute! Enjoy nana.

  4. Ho...he melted my heart now...he's adorable...
    God bless all your family!
    Hugs, BShell

  5. omg, omg, he's a cutie!!

    what a sweet post! thanks so much for sharing these adorable photos!

    big hugs!

  6. Good pictures, you seem to enjoying your stay.


  7. I can imagine how you enjoy your time with Fox. It must be great to see him every day en getting to know him better this way and to him to know what fun grandgarents he has.

  8. Diane, I am sure you are loving spending this time with Fox and your daughter's family. Fox is a cutie and would melt any heart. The last shot is adorable. Have a happy day!

  9. Oh, Diane, this is just so, so sweet! There are some wonderful photos on this blog...the kind Fox will remember seeing over the years and search for when he goes through a family photo book! "This little piggy...", the two of you marching off to play at the park...they say it all!

  10. TWO MORE SLEEPS! And then Aunty Carol is coming to play!

  11. he is for sure a heart melter. his hair is just beautiful.

  12. What a beautiful, shining face little Fox has! I love the photo of you walking with Fox, hand in hand, on your way to the park.

  13. Shouldn't the second last photo be captioned, Fox is determined his Grandma won't have a nanny nap.

  14. Diane you are going to be one very fit Granny when you return to Oz. I just love the photo of Sonja and the tearful little boy. This is a photo to treasure. But then they all are. He is precious and I'm glad you're able to enjoy him. We miss our grands and don't get much time to interact with them. Keep enjoying and keep safe. Hugs Jo

  15. What an adorable post!! Nothing will melt your heart faster than just about anything a grandchild does. I'm going to Cincinnati on the 26th to see mine. And maybe see their parents also. I'm trying to think of something I can take for them. I think it's probably going to be a dress for each of them if I can get to Dillards one of these days. They have some cuties. Or Gymboree. Love what they have. :)

  16. OH, he is precious! Enjoy every single minute!!

  17. He is gorgeous, I do not know how I would deal if any of my grandkids lived so far from me............sometimes I think Jessica & Leo live to far away and they are only a 20 minute drive

  18. A delightful selection of memories Diane - I bet you're all having a wonderful time together. May every moment be a treasure for your memory bank.

  19. Lovely post! A time you'll all remember forever!

  20. What a joy! And to have Carole there soon, too.

    Yes, playing is a joy, I agree. And Alannah has a 'thng' for emergency vehicles, too, but I am unable to find MB versions that are Australian rather than American.

    I love the fact that Fox will sing for/with you. Alannah will mumble along as I sing her to sleep, but that is all thus far.

    That is a very heavy looking workout weight that Fox is shaping up with.

  21. Also, does this mean that Banjo automatically gets an American passport as well as an Australian one? Or he probably has to apply for an Aussie passport ...

    1. They had to apply for an American passport which they have just received and when they are here they can apply for an Australian one. (I can't believe I have an American grand child.) We are an international family. Me born in England, Bill in Switzerland, the children in Australia and a grandson in America.

  22. firstly welcome home. and congratulations on the safe arrival of your new grandson. if he's half as gorgeous as Fox he'll be a gorgeous boy. your photos are lovely. Banjo's first bath. thank you for sharing. i saw a pic of Fox making a smoothie on fb and i must tell you that i'd really really like one of those ninja blenders. they are too expensive to get shipped over from the us of a. postage is more than the blender. oh well. maybe we'll get them in australia one day. i've missed your posts while you've been away. :)

  23. Such wonderful photos, Diane! I love the "footsie piggy" one! Isn't it amazing how quickly their little minds pick up how to use an IPad?My older grandson ( 3 1/2 years old) is quite an expert using his Mom's IPad.