Brisbane, QLD

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


 To our wonderful daughter Carol-Ann. 
It doesn't seem 39 years ago when I brought you into the world.

And when you were big enough you took yourself off to see the world.


USA, France, Spain, UAE, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and goodness knows where else.

But happily you are now in Sydney close to home. Hope you had a happy day.


  1. Oh what a sweet post. Happy birthday Carol-Anne!

    My daughter has a birthday today too.
    She took off to see the world as well. Naomi and her family are happily living in Sydney.

    You are lucky to have your birthday girl close by.

  2. A Globetrotter daughter ! Happy birthday to her ! My son is just one year younger. He has his birthday in August.

  3. happy birthday Carol. those are some amazing photos. glad she's closer to you now. :)

  4. Congratulations with your daughter, also a globetrotter as mine. I think a bit of the parents and a bit of their free mind makes the young woman today to explore the world. The photo of Switzerland is wonderful.

  5. Happy Birthday to your lovely daughter! Glad you have her close to home. mmm... cake and ice cream!

  6. Switzerland looks great but I am sure think Sydney is better.

  7. Happy Birthday Carol-Ann. It is my sister June's birthday to-day so I guess you can guess why she was named June! All the best. Ann J

  8. now that is a lot of travel for one still young girl. so glad she is now closer to you. love all the different shots and tell her Happy birthday

  9. Happy birthday to your daughter!! Me thinks that the acorn doesn't fall very far from the tree. She has her mother's sense of adventure. :-) The picture in Switzerland is amazing.

  10. I have to agree, the picture of your daughter in Switzerland is wonderful. I'm glad you have her near you now, however.
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  11. Happy Birthday Carol-Ann! Your parents are blessed with so much love around them, and I can see why getting to know them both. Have a wonderful and "traveling" life.

  12. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Carol-Ann! Your Mum is SO proud of you and it's not hard to see why! So glad you don't live far across the ocean from her, but just a short hop on a plane :) I hope you had a wonderful, fun-filled day.

  13. Hi Diane, Happy Birthday to Carol-Ann. Those are gorgeous pictures of her. She's lucky to have been able to travel so much.

    Thanks for sharing. My baby turned 40 last month.

  14. Happy birthday Carol-Ann.
    What is your secret for retaining such youthful looks? 39?????
    The youngest looking 39 year old that I have seen.
    Maybe a chip off the "old bloke or the, now be careful, blokette!!"?
    Beautiful photography Diane.
    Love the alps one in Switzerland and also the Sydney Harbour sailing shot.
    A week to go and then - QF15. Have a fun time. Looking forward to reports and this time no Banffffffff!
    Colin (HB)

  15. I hope Carol-Ann had a wonderful birthday. This was a great birthday post for her.

  16. A beautiful person, and obviously full of adventure, just like her loving Mum and Dad. Happy Birthday :D)

  17. Happy birthday to Carol-Ann! All the photos of her from around the world are lovely and she has many wonderful memories of her wonderful adventures. I know it must be nice to have her now living close to home!

  18. Happy Birthday Carol-Anne!

    what a sweet post!

    I love those photos and she looks soo lovely!

    betty xx

  19. The Switzerland picture is unbelievable. Super.

  20. Happy Birthday Carol Anne! God blessed you with a wonderful daughter :-)

  21. Happy belated Birthday, Carol Anne! Diane, your daughter is so lucky to travel to all these wonderful places. I also love the Switzerland shot but all the photos are great. Have a wonderful weekend.

  22. I'm a little late but Happy Birthday Carol-Ann. I'm glad you have her closer to home these days. It's wonderful that she's been to so many places. Super photos all of them.

  23. Thanks Mum for the Birthday Blog! You and Dad gave me my spirit of adventure!

    Thanks everyone for the Birthday wishes from around the world! I has made my Day.

    And a special thank you to HB !!