Brisbane, QLD

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Swiss National Day

Today is Swiss National Day. We don't always celebrate but this year we did. BB comes from Switzerland but has lived in Australia longer than in Switzerland and he is an Australian citizen. However it is sometimes nice to remember your heritage, so he did today.

We don't have a flag to fly so I stole this pic from google images.

But BB has an Alp Horn, which usually adorns our stairwell wall. Today he took it down, brushed off the dust and gave the neighbourhood a rendition of haunting mountain music. He rarely does this as he is a bit shy.

Then we hunted the wardrobe for our Swiss souvenir T-shirts, jackets and hat, jumped in our matching red car and drove to the northern suburb of Mitchleton ,where there is a very good traditional Swiss restaurant called Des Alps. We had arranged to meet some Aussie friends who wanted to celebrate with us especially as they know how good the food is here.

(Sorry Carol and Sonya..hope we are not embarrassing you)

Can you see the Swiss cow on my shirt and the Swiss crosses on our jackets? It was such a hot winter's day that we had to take off our jackets.

Des Alps is a small cosy restaurant with a function room at the back.(Look how these patrons are dressed for winter, she has a strappy I think winter is over)

Nick and Monique, the owners were there to greet us and cook for us. They had pulled out the 25 Canton (state) flags of Switzerland to decorate the restaurant for us.

Paul, Bill, Denis, Colin, Val, Helen and Peter enjoyed lunch with us.

I had the special set menu. Cheese Tart appetiser.

Smoked trout entree (absolutely delicious)

Veal in a lovely sauce with Rösti potatoes for main course (Half eaten, I nearly forgot to take photo)

Rice pudding, cinnamon ice cream and ginger biscuits for desert.

Happy Swiss Day Titania and family.


  1. So pleased to see you didn't put one of the large, heavy ceremonial Swiss cow bells around Bill's

    We had dinner with our Swiss son-in-law tonight, and we reminisced about celebrating Swiss National Day while staying in Kandesteg (sp) back in 2001.

  2. Happy Swiss National Day!! I love knowing about the histories of people's heritage and of the countries. I'm going to lunch today with a friend from Texas. Hmmmm...what can I get to celebrate Swiss Day? I'll look.

  3. Hi Diane. You had a wonderful Swiss Day. The red suits you both very well. It is wonderful that Bill can play the Alphorn. I believe it is not easy. We, usually forget to celebrate the first of August. It is nice to think back to the celebrations we had in SWL. We actually should not forget it, as the second August is the birthday of our eldest daughter. She was planned for the first!!
    A few weeks ago we went to the "Metzgeta". It is always fun. The little Swiss choir has such good singers (voices). The Fellow who plays the Alphorn does it very well. It has a beautiful sound. The event is every year at the Mudgeeraba Showground.

  4. DB & BB
    Yep it was a great day. I am still savouring my delightful flamed dessert! Even the trip back to the city was good - a mate, train controller, got on at the following station so I had someone to talk to!
    ( a lot of "B's" in this message!)

  5. I love learning more about other countries, a great post. It looks like everyone had a great time and the meal looks delicious.

    Happy Swiss National Day.

  6. Sounds like a great excuse to wear (and drive) red and eat yummy food. Rosti, yummmm.

  7. Oh how wonderful that you got to celebrate Swiss National Day. Your Bill is very talented to be able to play the Alphorn. What a wonderful restaurant to put on such a lovely dinner for you, I loved the Swiss flags on the wall and the pudding - Oh my, I wish I was able to join you. Thanks for sharing - this was very special. (((Hugs))) Jo

  8. Looks a nice meal. Good to know where everyone comes from as in their heritage, makes for interesting reading and searching on the net, it helps to educate me:)

  9. Diane you never fail to put a smile on my face.....

  10. Thanks for your comment on my post Diane. You must be looking forward to your Broome-Darwin trip, wonderful part of the world the Kimberly, and this time of the year is just glorious.

    Let me know if you would like to catch up and glean some local knowledge about this weird and whacky town..... And you can always wander down to Fisherman's Wharf if you're here on a weekday and see if Oscar is out and about refuelling - he still goes to my old work everyday.

  11. wow, I am so happy I saw this post, I had no idea when the Swiss national day was, and I loved seeing the horn, and I totally enjoyed this whole thing. I am so happy you did acknowledge the day and really made the most of it. Well done!

  12. Hi Diane!
    Great post! I miss the Rösti...
    You're looking great!
    Meanwhile Blogtrotter is back to the «urban jungle», which Reykjavik is far from being... ;)). Enjoy and have a fabulous week!!

  13. Hi Diane, Happy Swiss Day, a little belatedly. Loved the Horn. I can't help but wonder if you bought that in Australia or did you get it from Switzerland and carry back with you? Loved the red outfits and your trip to the restaurant. Another great post!