Daisy Hill Forest, Qld, Australia

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Berrinba Wetlands

We live in Logan City, it is the area of urban sprawl between Brisbane City and The Gold Coast City. These three cities together with the Sunshine Coast area to the north of Brisbane and Ipswich City to the west make up the densely populated South East corner of Queensland. However the councils do try to keep some green areas for the community to enjoy. I recently read about a new area in Logan that has been opened to the public called Berrinba Wetlands. So off we went to explore. It took some finding as the roads to it are so new they were not in the GPS but Google Maps came to the rescue. It only took about 20 minutes to get there.


There were many pathways and cycle tracks.

A wattle tree in bloom

It is a different species to my last post about wattle.

The path passed between two sheoak trees, which are also in bloom.

It is a very tiny flower.

Sorry that I don't know the name of this bird. It could be a cormorant.

A boardwalk over the water.

We walked a short circuit but I would like to do the longer one another day.

We returned to the back of the flash interpretive centre.

Then around to the front.

There were nice picnic spots and a big, children's playground. I thought it was a lovely area but BB reckons it will be better when the plants are more developed and the water is clearer.


  1. No, it's a beautiful area right now - lovely photos.

  2. This is a beautiful area. Glad you could visit and enjoy it. Thanks for visiting my blog. (((Hugs))) Jo

  3. A beautiful wetland, if I ever get that far north again, I must go and investigate it as well. Beautiful photos, and I love the SHeoaks in flower, ours are out too.

  4. hi, ma'am, good mornig from north carolina! i've enjoyed your blog. i have a friend who lives in brisbane, and hope to go visit one day...

  5. Seems like a wonderful place to visit. Thanks for the tour.

    I had never heard of some of those trees before. Especially liked the Waddle.

  6. Beautiful shots and report. Lovely pelicans.

  7. I really enjoy your blog, it's very interesting and great photos.
    Sunny :)

  8. It looks gorgeous Diane, thanks for the great tour. Enjoyed your photos immensely.

  9. The sheoak tree is new to me. Thanks for the introduction to it. That looks like a lovely walk. The interpretive center sure is flash, as you say.

  10. a beautiful stroll through the area...so enjoyed the birds and trees and water.
    trees i have not heard of before...so again i learned something new.
    have a wonderful week.

  11. Marvelous photos, Diane!
    If you can visit and leave a comment here!
    You aided to construct this idea!


  12. What a beautiful place for walks, the trees and wildlife are wonderful. I really enjoyed the tour and learned about a new tree, the sheoak is a new one for me as well.

    Diane, if you are not going to be in town for the farmers market you can post before you leave and I will add your link. Just an idea.


  13. Diane, that looks like a beautiful area for walks and recreation. Love the wattles in bloom and also the sheoaks. I make a note of this to tell my daughters. That was a lovely walk; thank you.

  14. Very nice photos Diane. It must be a bit chilly there as I see your husband is wearing long sleeves. I love the discriptive walk you to took. Thank you for taking the time to take photos to share here.

  15. This sounds an interesting place Diane. I don't get down there very often these days. Thanks for your visit to my New Farm Park post. We live in a great city!

  16. I love going to places like this. Our outback has so much to offer. Great that you find Google maps helpful. I'll take that into account incase one day, we'll be in the same situation. Beautiful photographs to keep you busy. Thanks Ma'am Diane for this wonderful post.

  17. What a nice way to spend the day! The area look good and I agree with BB - it will just get better and better! I love seeing trees and things I really have never even heard of before! You are a great teacher & tour guide :-)

  18. Great blog Diane...I think it`s great that the councils are putting in wetlands...We have quite a few around the Adelaide areas now....

  19. very curious, that very tiny flower...

  20. Thanks for sharing your experience photographically. I enjoyed my 'virtual' walk with you ;--)
    Hugs and blessings,

  21. That bird certainly looks like a Cormorant. Lovely place in the making - a little more time and everything should be loving it....flora, fauna and humans.

  22. An unexpected wetland walk...thank you for sharing

    lizzie b.

  23. Wonderful! Thank you for sharing! My trip around the world!


  24. Alice is correct, the bird is a cormorant!
    As for the "sheoaks", I have always wondered what they were called - are they native to Australia?
    Thanks for the geography lesson, I had never heard of this place and obviously with a bus station, it now exists. It also looks very interesting and well preserved a la natural!

  25. Nice photos of the wetlands. Are you using your new SLR? Nice wetlands, we have wetlands but I haven't been, yet!

  26. Interesting area! I asked BB on his blog where it was but now I see, sort of. Great blog Mum.