Southern Highlands, NSW, Australia

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


A few years ago we met up with our wine tour group in Bilboa in Spain and then toured with them through the vineyards and towns of Spain and Portugal.

The Rambler, the main street in Barcelona

We visited La Pedrera in Barcelona. Gaudi, a famous spanish architect designed this apartment block in the early 1900's.

The Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao.


colourful street scene in Hondarribia

Bodegas Talai-Berri vineyard near Zarautz

San Sebastian a famous seaside resort ( can't beat Queensland beaches)

The Wind Comb sculptures by Edwardo Chillida

San Sebastion

Pamploma streets where they have the running of the bulls.

Douro Valley Portugal

We had lunch at the Pousada Solar de Rede

Inside the Pousada

Traditional way of pressing the grapes in Portugal

Pousada De Santa Marinha at Guimaraes in Portugal
Oporto Portugal wine casks are brought down the river on these boats

Salamanca a university town in Spain

Avilla a medievil walled city in Spain

Roman aqueduct in Segovia Spain

Lunch at Hostel del Cardenal in Toledo. Paela, what else?

It was raining in Madrid so no pics but we visited 3 major art galleries. The history in Spain and Portugal is mind blowing. We loved Portugal and its people and it was another great adventure before dementia.


  1. You know what I love about these trips? That your eyes get to see all these wonderful places you have only seen in pictures. We went to greece a couple years ago and I as awed at how beautiful the islands were. I'm sure in our new country we will have much more opportunity to travel.

  2. I didn't know where to reply to your comment as I couldn't find an email address on your site, and I figured you'd get this before you visited my blog again. I have lived here all my life and so has my husband, but we have travelled some. We are about to emigrate to the UK tho. Unless you live here, you can't know how draining it is to live in fear all the time, not war zone fear, but just general safety fear. We don't yet know when we are leaving, but we are hoping it will be soon. We don't want our daughter to grow up thinking the way we live is normal. Sad, but that's just life here. We do look forward to our new life, even with all the new trails it may bring.

  3. PS: I'm SOOOOO jealous you got to see the Gugenheim, it is one of the places I'm dying to visit!

  4. OH! OH! OH! Such shots Diane! You know, I never had an interest in visiting Spain, but I may have to now! Such architecture, sculpture and wine!

    I really would love to see the work of Gaudi one day, Barcelona would be mind blowing.

    You must be getting so excited about the trip, you lucky, lucky girl!

  5. I`ve always had a facination with Spain...I remember doing an assignment on it when I was at school, especially with the bull fighting....
    I love the old buildings....