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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

ADVENTURE IN FRANCE (Part 1) Wine Tour-Burgundy

One of our most memorable trips was a wine tour in France which included a 6 day barge cruise on the canals. We started the tour from Zurich and went by coach through the Jura Mts to Gray the gateway to the Burgundy Wine Region. On the way we visited the Swiss Rado watch factory, the famous Ranchamp Chapel designed by La Corbusier and had lunch in the quaint town of St Ursanne.

Rado watch factory

Ranchamp Chapel

St Ursanne

We stayed overnight at The Chateau de Rigny, it was like going back in time.

A Burgandy vineyard
The next day we drove to Dole and Dijon. In Dole we visited the Louis Pasteur museum and had the longest baguette for lunch.

A 400 year old house in Dijon

We did a walking tour of Dijon and visited the Mustard Museum. We stayed overnight at the Chapeau Rouge Hotel. The next day we drove to Montrachet.

Le Montrachet

We stayed here for 2 nights and spent the days visiting many wineries. Then we continued on to Beaune. Where we visited the Hospices called Hotel Dieu, which is museum of a hospital for paupers. It is a 15th century Gothic masterpiece. Then we drove onto St Mammes to board the barge.

Hotel Dieu (hospices)

This was exciting!

The barge company also have a small coach which takes us into nearby towns. After exploring St Mammes we went to Moret sur Loing famous for being the home of many famous artists. We watched them at work and then returned to the barge.

Cruising down the canal to Nemours
Tie up for the night
Slowly down the canal
Stop off for a trip to Vaux Le Vicompte Chateau.
Entering a lock

Inside the lock.
The lock keeper.
The barge goes so slow that you can get off and walk or ride a bike to the next lock. Fun! Fun!
Dining room on the barge.
We visited the medieval city of Auxere and more vineyards between Cepoy, Montbouy,Rogny stopping to see more Chateaus and museums. Everyday we had beautiful meals with french wines and cheeses. It was gourmet bliss. We continued onto Briare seeing the famous staircase of 6 locks.
The famous canal aqueduct which is a canal on a bridge over the River Loire built by Gustave Eiffel.
This was the end of the barge trip and then we went by coach to Paris.


  1. I want to just follow you around. I've always wanted to see everything before I die. Let's see...I have been to Canada and I loved that....and Oh yeah . Nogales and Tiajuana Mexico. And I couldn't get back in the U.S. fast enough. I almost kissed the ground. Need to go farther down in Mexico. Not the border towns. :)

  2. Oh Diane, you do have some wonderful adventures!

    The canal barge reminds me of the Rick Stein (my fave chef) series he shot entirely in France.

    I bet the food was just MAGNIICIENT, and the wine, well, I can just imagine!

    You must be counting down the minutes until you jet off again.

  3. No ways! I cant believe you have seen the two places I have always wanted to see, the Gugenheim and the Ronchamp Chapel! I studies themn is art history at school and have always wanted to go there! Perhpas will use this blog as a guide of all the best places to visit before I die. ;-)