Brisbane, QLD

Monday, May 31, 2021


 On day four of our trip to Armidale we went on a round trip to see Wollomombi Gorge along the Waterfall Way then turn off at Ebor and take Guyra Road to Guyra to see Mother of Ducks Lagoons then back to our motel in Armidale.

It was a short walk from the car park to one of the lookouts over the Wollomombi Gorge. (Have fun trying to pronounce that, all the vowels are short Wol-lom-mom-bi). There are many other walks in the area including a walk around the rim of the gorge but it was a bit far for our old boys.

Val and Bill, who is pointing out the falls.
It is the deepest gorge in NSW. The Wollomombi Falls are 220m with a 100m single drop. Of coarse it is most impressive after rain. Wollomombi is an aboriginal word meaning 'the meeting of the waters'.

On the way out of the Oxley Wild Rivers National Park we passed these icons of a bygone era.

Before we left Armidale we had called into the Information Centre. While there we asked if there was any coffee shops in the area of the falls. The lady said sheepishly, "Yes you can get a coffee at the Wollomombi Village." then she added, "Its a bit rustic." As you can see above it sure was rustic. There were flies buzzing around the table so we opted to sit outside in the back yard in the sun but surrounded by junk, like a disused refrigerator and this weird object below.
However, I found the view towards the tumbling down back fence was quite pretty with the old cart and a few remaining autumn leaves.

We left Waterfall Way (which continues to the coast) at Ebor and turned back towards Guyra (the coldest town in Northern NSW. We passed lots of paddocks, with sheep, cows and horses.
We found the Royal Hotel with a warm fire going and a tasty lunch. I love the old buildings in country towns. After lunch we looked for 'The Mother of Ducks Lagoons' where we were to see lots of bird life but we were a bit underwhelmed and decided to drive on to Armidale for a nap.


  1. Hello Diane,
    Great report on your travels. The view of the gorge and falls are beautiful. That is a rustic coffee shop. I love the view of the sheep and countryside. I will look forward to the Lagoon and bird life post. Have a great day!

  2. Nice nature and a funny name I tried to pronounce...:)

  3. That's a pretty waterfall and must be spectacular after a storm. A bit of a contrast between the coffee shop and the Royal Hotel!

  4. The royal hotel looks nice. The gorge is amazing isn’t it. You forget how high the high country is, until you see the gorge! X

  5. What an amazing trip Diane, just been back to read posts I missed. You have seen some astounding sights. I did have a chuckle at how happy Bill was to fiñd a coffee, I know that feeling well 😊

  6. An interesting trip. I suppose you were lucky that you could get a drink even though it didn't have the perfect surroundings. I wonder if it was too late in the day to see much in the way of birdlife at the lagooo.

  7. Outstanding photos and another great adventure. Thanks Diane, this trip must have been amazing.

  8. Guyra - it is freezing in winter and the winds go straight though you.
    I started Primary schooling at Guyra and also got my first horse there.
    The Ebor road to the coast was a 'goat track" virtually in the late 1940's and darn near
    up to the 1970's. The trip to the coast was quite a hair raising experience.

    I can assure you that in the 3 years we lived in Guyra, the Royal Hotel was not quite so
    upmarket looking.
    Great post, Diane and thanks for memories of way back.

  9. Gyra is freezing. The McCaffertys bus between Sydney and Toowoomba used to stop at the roadhouse. In the days when I visited my parents regularly I experienced many a cold winter in the dead of night there.

  10. It looks as if you had an interesting road trip on this day, even if the Mother of Ducks Lagoons were disappointing. I would really love to see that waterfall after a heavy rainstorm.

  11. That waterfall is amazing and I can just imagine how dramatic after a rain. I have to remind myself it’s autumn for you and nice to have a fire with lunch, while it is summer and beach weather here!

  12. I'm disappointed that the Mother of Ducks Lagoons didn't live up to expectations (mine anyway). "Rustic" surroundings are acceptable when the need for coffee is great! I've seen some great spots I would have missed had it not been for coffee. Lovely to see the countryside so green!

  13. Your photos make me want to travel somewhere

  14. Still pretty and green in the fall. The old hotel is lovely. The gorge is spectacular.