Tuesday, April 4, 2017


Nine days of baby sitting in Melbourne came to an end. Mummy was coming home. We went to Melbourne airport to meet her from LA and to say goodbye to me. It had been great getting to know the boys better but I was looking forward to getting home and ready to move house in three days.
I hugged the boys goodbye and I had a few minutes to hug Sonya before I caught my plane to Brisbane.

When I arrived home, our other daughter, Carol and SIL David, had helped Bill pack his office, the garage and laundry. They had flown from Sydney. I had a few last minute items to pack and I said another goodbye to my garden.

The truck arrived.

Friends helped.

 The house was sad and empty.

 We went across the road to say goodbye to the neighbours and to look down on our house and garden and say goodbye.

 Last time I stand here.

Last time he stands here. Off we go to our new home, an apartment in Elements Third Age Living @ Springwood.

Our new home

The apartment was choc-a-block full of boxes but our great kids flew from Sydney again to help unpack.

He's happy with his cave.

 I'm happy with the gardens.

 Then it was off to buy a new car. A Mazda CX3 Maxx little SUV

Here's to a new life.


  1. Must have been a hard thing to do - move.
    Good luck. Like your new car, and your home looks good with the garden - just think you won't have to pull a weed!

  2. Wishing you the happiest of days in your new home Diane. Raising a glass here for you both.

  3. The grandsons are looking quite grown up. It is our gardens at various places that we miss the most, but I don't miss maintaining them. Anyway, onward and upward to a new adventure.

  4. You must be glad the moving is over now. Fortunately you had a lot of help. Now you can relax and enjoy your new life. Good luck!

  5. Hello, Cute shot of you and your adorable grandsons. I am glad your family was there to help pack and unpack. The new apartment, garden and the new SUV all look wonderful. Now it is time to enjoy, congrats and good luck.

  6. All the best for your new life. So wonderful that you had help from your children with the packing and unpacking, that's the worst thing!! Enjoy it!

  7. Happy Days to you and Bill as you set off on this new adventure. Enjoy! Your new home and environs are beautiful. The new car is a treat too!

  8. What a happy post, from Grandboys to new apartment to shiny car! It's always a little hard to say goodbye when we've been happy in a place, but I have a feeling with your attitude that life will be sweet on your new path. Happy New Home!

  9. congratulations, I know you will love it there, such a beautiful home and gardens you don't have to take care of, just enjoy.... love the new car to

  10. A wonderful new beginning! Very exciting with far fewer responsibilities and many new opportunities.

  11. Wow What a big change! You seem to be handling it so well!!

  12. It's good to have gardeners to do the work......you can advise???
    Well maybe in small doses - ha ha.
    I intend seeing if the roadside garden strip here at Terrigal Waters can
    have a garden on the road side outside the fence and it is elevated
    up from the footpath.....there is plenty of scope for it
    for those plants that don't need everyday care and would be far
    better than just bare ground as at present.
    So diplomacy + powers of persuasion might get a garden???
    Great to know that you are settling in well and have Carol and
    her hubbie as helpers.

  13. You have had an incredibly busy and stressful time lately so it's good to see that last photo where you are relaxing and having a glass of wine and thinking of all the great times ahead!

  14. You had very busy time with lots of excitement. Now I hope you have some time to enjoy your new home, car and life.

  15. Wonderful you had young helpers to help with the move and settling in. We did ours by ourselves and thought we would collapse! Never again. I wish you much love and happy times in your new place!

  16. What an awesome post.... I am SO SO SO happy for you two... Sounds like you do have a brand new life.... Now--you won't have to do that gardening anymore --yet you will have gardens nearby which you can enjoy..... AND ---a new car... WOW---that is so special.... I'm THRILLED for both of you.


  17. Good luck and I hope all remains happy. Moving is such a demanding business and we have done it too many times. I say never again, but then I also say don't ever say never!!!!!
    Take care and good wishes for happy days ahead, t'other Diane.

  18. Lovely to see you both enjoying a glass of wine, and a bowl of strawberries, after all the stress of moving and saying goodbye to your old home. I wish you both much happiness in your new home.

  19. Congratulations to you both - such a busy time for you and now you can enjoy this next part of your lives. Snazzy car to zip around in too. Well done and looking forward to reading about your new adventures :D)

  20. Best wishes in your new home, Diane and Bill, and on all the adventures you will have zipping around in that new car. Looking forward to seeing photos once you are fully settled in.

  21. Cheers to change and moving on! Life is good. Love reading about your next step.... it looks like a great complex and spacious apartment. Is that your personal garden space or is it shared? (You know how lazy I am about household chores in my 'third age', so what I am really asking is whether you have to weed and water it.) It's a lovely outdoor space either way and whichever it is I'm sure it will be perfect for you.

    Love the hot new wheels too!

  22. Wow - such a big, emotional, thing. I wish you all the luck in the World!

  23. You made it! Congratulations. I hope you'll both settle quickly in your new home and that you'll love living there.

  24. You two look gloriously happy and I am so happy for you!

  25. I almost missed this so important post !! How did you manage to cope with two boys, come back and move out and in ?? I think I would be half dead ! (at least) Your new home looks great, I hope you will show more pictures.
    Probably meanwhile you got more used to your new life ! It's another chapter !
    I think you did the right thing ! Congratulations to the new car !!

  26. What a dynamo you are, Diane. Very best wishes to you and Bill with your new life - and car! Elements Living looks so inviting so I'll look forward to reading of this new chapter.

  27. what a huge life change and such an exciting one too. congratulations to you both. it looks like you are very well organised and have it all under control. thank you for sharing. i'm sure you'll settle in beautifully and love it