Southern Highlands, NSW, Australia

Monday, March 18, 2013


Just as our wet season was starting we managed to get a sunny day to explore another park in our city of Logan.  Logan River Parklands is only a 15 min drive from home. We grabbed our cameras and off we went. Since we did this walk we have had heaps of rain and this park was flooded as the Logan River burst its banks. At last we have see the sun again for the last few days.
 We had heavy rain a few days before so the river was full of brown silt.

Locals use the river for a variety of activities.

 We prefer to walk over it. This used to be a two way road bridge on the main highway to the Gold Coast from Brisbane but as the population grew the bridge was not big enough to cope with the increase in traffic. Now its part of the walk through the park.

 A new double bridge was built next to this one some time ago now. It just manages to cope with the traffic.

Traffic travelling to and from the Gold Coast crossing the Logan River. 

I like the character of the old bridge.

After a walk around the park we returned under the new bridge back to the car park. The sun shining on this grass with the dark underneath of the bridge as a background caught my eye but doesn't look as good in the photo.          


  1. Glad you were able to get in another good walk-about before the rainy season sets in for real.

    Your photos ALWAYS look good. Have a great Monday. (And thanks for your kind wishes on my recent dental ordeal. I'm on the mend. :)

  2. Hi Diane, I always enjoy your posts and photos. I would enjoy walking over the bridge as well!

  3. I've been along that busy highway with my daughter and her husband on our way from Brisbane airport to the Gold Coast and can understand why the new bridge was built with all that traffic.
    Your capture of grass in the last pic is quite lovely with its varied textures and colours ..... the simple things are usually the most photogenic.

  4. Such brown water - reminds me of the Murray!

  5. That's a lot of water ! at least you had a sunny day ! I am still waiting ! I bought an inside bicycle for Mr. G's birthday in April, I found a good bargain ! Now it's in Dominique's garage because he knows nothing ! I am sure he will get a nervous breakdown because he has to move, lol !

  6. Hallo
    A nice walk in the park and great shots from the bridges.
    Last picture is good.
    Have a good day.

  7. Diane, looks like a great place for a walk. the river is pretty and scenic. There does seem to be a lot of traffic on the new bridge. Great shots, have a happy day!

  8. a nice series Diane and I see what you mean about the grasses under the bridge; they do look interesting for a photo. I'm not sure about the catch from the muddy river. Along the Hunter because of all the rains and algae/weeds rotting it has caused masses of fish to die but in turn two hundred pelicans had died from eating the infected fish. That number way well be more; that was several days back I heard that.

  9. Looks like you had a good day out. The rain just does not seem to ever stop here we are really getting fed up with it now. Take care and have a good week Diane

  10. It is always fun and instructive to see parts of the world through the eyes of locals.

  11. Glad they made a new bridge for the traffic. The old one would have fallen to pieces otherwhise I am afraid.

  12. so happy to hear you had a day of sunshine... i do wish we had someway to ship some of your water here... hope the weather gets back to normal soon down there.

  13. We have many of these old bridges still in use but slowly being replaced. Your word 'character' definitely describes them. The concrete ones serve their purpose well but they aren't much to look at.
    That chocolate covered river could be in my world most anytime. :)
    Bet the boater had a good time.

  14. i like the old metal bridges, too. as you said, sure can tell lots of rain fall there with the brown water.

  15. Good for you getting some sun and exercise. Looks like a lovely walk and I so enjoy when they utilize the old bridges like that!

  16. It seems the old bridges have so much more character than most of the newer bridges. Sounds like a wonderful way to spend some time, walking and taking photos... days like that are such a blessing I find, especially when the weather co-operates.


  17. Looks like you enjoyed your river walk. I love old bridges... the new ones aren't very picturesque, are they?

  18. Our river here looks like that much of the time. The water is fairly shallow and gets stirred up. It isn't as dirty as it looks. I like to walk over bridges.. there's something special about it.

  19. I love old bridges maybe that makes me strange but so what I still do. I also like to take photos of bridges and views from bridges so I guess you can tell I liked this post.

  20. That's a nice walk, Diane! Can fish survive in a river full of stilt like that?

  21. Hi Diane, That is a wonderful place to walk. I love the idea of leaving the old bridge for walkers... Most of the old bridges here are torn down when new ones are built...

    Our rivers are probably brown today also since we have had rain ALL DAY LONG here.


  22. Good view from the old bridge. Don't know how you put up with all that rain...take care.

  23. Thanks for taking us on this walk. We finally had some rain as well, which was necessary here. I do like the old bridge. It has character

  24. Like the picture with the boat. You almost feel the speed.


  25. Super photos Diane! Looks like a great place for a walk.

  26. The river does look brown and overflowing...the old bridge does have character.
    Glad you got to have a walk in the park

  27. Wow that river is really muddy. That looks like a good place for a walk.

  28. hi diane,

    looks like a wonderful place for a walk.
    i always enjoy your landscape photos, thank you for taking us along.

    happy weekend~

    big his!

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  30. A fascinating post! My grandson would love to visit the workshops museum. He loves trains and all things to do with them. Sometimes I think that the fact that I live close to a railroad track is one of the VERY best things about me!

    I'm glad you are having so much fun.

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