Brisbane, QLD

Saturday, November 6, 2010


We belong to the Redlands U3A (University of the Third Age) Camera Club to try to improve our photography. We meet once a month in a church hall in Cleveland. We have guest speakers, share our knowledge and sometimes we go on an excursions to practice what we have learnt. Later we display and discuss our shots.
A few weeks ago we went to Apex Park in Ormiston. Ormiston and Cleveland are towns in the Redland Shire which is to the south east of Brisbane on the shores of Moreton Bay. It takes us about half an hour to drive there.
Here are some shots I took in the park...still lots of room for improvement but I think I'm getting better.
I love the way the sun hits the leaves.

I like the blue sky reflection when you can't see the sky.

An oasis in a city

I don't know the type of duck but he is pretty and I like the reflections.

Turtles sunning themselves.

U3A members enjoying Spring in the park.

Nice composition crappy depth of field focus...need to improve here.

A grandma and children feeding the ducks, puts emotion into the shot.


  1. Water, ducks and children all make for great subject matter but those turtles are my favourite.

  2. They are all perfect to me Diane. Lovely!

  3. Very good photos, diane. I simply LOVE the duck; you caught the reflection. Also the blue sky in the water. Glad you had a lovely spring outing. Have a great weekend. Jo

  4. A good thing the camera club, you make beautiful photo's.

  5. Wonderful photos! I love those trees, the turtles sunning themselves, and the wonderful duck with his head reflection, I don't know what kind he is, either. But I see NO need for improvement on any of these pictures. You mention lots of technical things that are wrong, but isn't the eye the best judge in the end. And mine says these are just fine!

  6. There is so much to learn about photorgaphy, isn't there? My one day lesson made me realize how little I know. I'm finally beginning to take my camera settings off automatic, but still scared when I do! It's fun to learn more and practice. Having a good subject like Apex Park to take of is wonderful --your photos are great!

  7. They're great pictures and I definitely need to find a class like that!

  8. I think all of these photos are wonderful -- the reflections you captured are very good. I'm still trying to get better with depth of field myself.

  9. Your pictures are ALWAYS great to me.... I love taking pictures and I'm sure I need to continue improving... BUT--I just take pictures to share and for fun.. I don't want to make it a profession!!!!!! ha

    I love the duck one --with the reflection.. Colors are fabulous. Seeing those SPRING pictures makes me yearn for spring... And we haven't even had WINTER yet here....


  10. Beautiful reflections, Diane! It is great to practice with your camera and joining a club sounds like a great idea. I always enjoy your photos.

  11. I especially love the blue sky reflection on the water shot.
    They're all so enjoyable to look at and the Grandma watching the children feed the ducks - yes, it works on the emotional level!
    Such a beautiful park to have nearby.

  12. I think all of your photos are filled with your "eye" for the touching photos...

  13. Your photos are getting better and better...what camera do you use Diane and lens'. Would be great learning at the 3rd age....only want to know so can give you some info on night images I have not gotten to Brisbane to meet you as promised and do the night images..and thank you for your generosity in fixing my blog...:))