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Manly, Qld.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015


The Birthday Bear Group celebrated Mary's birthday at Ceylon Inn in Graceville. The restaurant doesn't do lunch on Friday so we braved the cool winter evening. We soon warmed up when we started eating our hot Indian curries. Bear also arrived in scarf and hat to keep warm.
 Bear came with an album full of Birthday Bear memories. We have been celebrating our birthdays with Birthday Bear since 2007. Helen made the album for Bear to share with Mary on her birthday. It contained photos of all the different outfits Bear has worn over the years and all the different places where we have celebrated.
 Mary was happy to receive Memory Bear and her album.

 We all enjoyed looking at past photos and remembering all our times together.

 We all enjoyed the hot Indian food too. The Shiraz wine went down well also.

I especially enjoyed the Mango Kulfi, Indian ice cream, to cool off my mouth.
If you are not familiar with our Birthday Bear tradition read here: 

Tuesday, June 23, 2015


One of my first Grandma duties while in LA, was to take Banjo for a haircut.
It was more like Banjo taking me to the hairdressers. This little 3 year old took me by the hand and  showed me the way down Melrose Ave to the shop where he has his hair cut.  

 Isn't he an angel?

 Another day we all went down Melrose Ave to the children's shoe shop for new shoes. Banjo soon decided on his new Crocs but Fox took a little longer.

Meanwhile Grandma tried some arty shots.

Nearly everyday we took the children to one of the many playgrounds in LA. This one had pony rides and a little train.
 Fox was proud to go with the older kids and do some trotting.

 Banjo didn't like it when he was younger but he enjoyed it on this day.

 I wonder what he's thinking?

Then it was "all aboard" for a train ride around the park. Fox was allowed to make the announcement over the PA system. After a snack it was time to go home for Banjo's nap and Grandma's cup of tea and a good sit down. It sure is fun but tiring playing with the grandkids.

Sunday, June 21, 2015


We had a few foggy mornings this week. So I dug TOH out of bed and we went to our local lake, Dennis Lake, and took some foggy fotos early in the morning. I can't decide whether I like colour or black and white best. What do you think?
Black and White

Black and White

 Black and White

Black and White