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Lamington National Park, South East Queensland.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Our friend George celebrated his birthday recently. Birthday Bear was all dressed and ready to go at Mary's House.
 At Mary's house, Birthday Bear was all dressed and ready to The Fishmonger's Restaurant to surprise George. Bear had his truck driver's uniform on, his clip board, and parcels for delivery as well as a truck to drive. Bear was very excited about being a truck driver, 

George worked for 30 Years for the transport company, 'Toll'. He drove huge B Double Trucks. 

 Bear was already on the table at the restaurant looking very important when we arrived..

 He was very happy with his work boots.

 He was even more thrilled when Bill shared his wine with him and George offered him some chips.

Mary did a great job of dressing Birthday Bear for George. 
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