Brisbane, QLD

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


We went to Underwood Park to check out the wildlife. Warning.....I'm not good at names.
Mallard Ducks?? No wrong again. They are Wood Ducks...Thanks commenters. 

Waterhens feeding their babies.

White Duck ???

Goosy Goosy Gander ???

Kaiser Pigeon......OOps wrong again...It is a Native Crested Pigeon.

Mating Dance

Shag or Cormorant

Butcher Bird


  1. I'm not good with names either. These are wonderful images :)
    ☼ Sunny

  2. Lovely photos - I don't know most of them. But the top one doesn't look anything like the mallards we get over here. It does, however, bear some resemblance to a duck I saw last year on our canal that I was quite unable to identify. Similar small, pretty head and mottled breast.

  3. Hi Linda, I think that Colin talked about the Butcher Birds being MEAN.... Is that right --or am I mixing up my birds?????

    Love seeing your birds down there. Goosey Goosey Gander is a cutie....

    That Kaiser Pigeon is interesting looking... Are your pigeons as nasty and messy as ours?????

    Great set of photos. Thanks!

  4. Hi Diane

    The top photo is a family of Wood Ducks - the male has the dark head.
    These ducks are found in great numbers out west. Wood ducks can be domesticated - they are like homing pigeons - will fly away, but return to sleep and get their "free" food.
    The white one could be a white mallard or a Peking duck????
    In the duck shooting season, it is the wood duck that cops the hail of bullets. When you drive out west, it is wood ducks that you see on the dams, the creeks and the rivers.
    Great shots - oops - perhaps not the correct word, under these circumstances????
    Colin (HB)

  5. I don't mind their names as the photo's are beautiful. You have a good look at them.

  6. Oh..I think "goosy-goosy-gander" is the biological name, right?? Love it! However..this is really a "fowl" posting...

  7. I'm not good with names, either, but I do know wonderful pictures when I see them.

  8. I'm always hestant to put names on my pictures of birds or flowers, because I am notoriously inept! I think "goosey gander" should be good enough. You posted beautiful pictures, that should be enough!! :)

  9. Lovely pictures -- I'm happy that I'm not the only nature lover who isn't great with names! Actually, you knew quite a few.

  10. I love all the birds, but I particularly like the pigeon. It is so different from our pigeons in the US. Cute little fella!

    Ours are known for carrying histoplasmosis. Do these as well?

  11. Beautiful photos. Love the ducklings and waterhen babies especially.

    Very striking looking pigeons too!

  12. Diane, wonderful series of birdie photos. I am still learning names of birds. I love all the cute babies and the Kaiser Pigeons look cool. The Waterhens are neat and similiar to our Moorhen?

  13. Great pix :-) The white duck is a feral domestic of unknown-to-me breed. The 'kaiser pigeon' is a native Crested Pigeon, often but wrongly called a Topknot Pigeon (different bird). It's common in grasslands and thrives in suburbia.

    Butcher Birds aren't 'mean' though, they are being themselves. Their songs are just divine and we've some unafraid ones close by the house.

  14. Beautiful all!

    When I was younger we hand raised all sorts of ducks, domesticated and wild. The Woodies used to nest in our chimney, then the fluffy ducklings would launch themselves off the roof after a while.

    Quack Quack - such lovely shots Diane!

  15. Beautiful images of these birds, diane. I just love the Kaiser pigeon with its crest. I've never seen such a lovely "ornery' bird. The butcher bird looks huge. Is it? I've just started blog visiting after a busy week (Oh what I'd give for my quiet life in Khartoum, LOL!) Thanks for you many visits and cool comments on my blog. (I loved that you joined us on the bike ride!) Have a great day. Blessings Jo

  16. Very good job ! not so easy to take good pictures of feather creatures ! I don't know names either. I miss the Kokaburra (?) my favorite bird, lol !

  17. Lovely series of photos Diane. I don't know a lot of the names either but I do so enjoy looking at them.

  18. All interesting water fowl --I'd probably not remember their names either, but I'd love looking at them :)

  19. Oh, I love all of these birds, fowl, creatures, etc. You've posted a great variety, all very interesting and well composed.

  20. Nice one Diane...he the kaiser moniker...

  21. Diane, thanks for this link. I did see this post. I really like your cute ducks, especially the babies.