Brisbane, QLD

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Not long now before we leave on our next adventure. I have satrted to get clothes organised to pack. I can't believe we have to pack formal wear for the cruise section of the trip. That is not our style but I guess it is something different to experience. 
We are doing a guided trip organised by Scenic Tours, the same people we went on the river cruise from Amsterdam to Budapest in 2008. It was a great trip so we're hoping this will be as good. It is called "23 Day Spectacular Rockies & Alaskan Cruise." 
 I am not taking my laptop so I will not be visiting you or posting for 3 weeks. Please don't forget me. I will bombard you with photos when we return.
However Bill has pre scheduled his blog to post everyday with information on where we are that day. So if you happen to wonder where we are you can check it out at his blog.

*Brisbane fly to Sydney
*Sydney fly to Vancouver (15 hours flight but we arrive before we left due to crossing the International date line)
*Vancouver fly to Victoria 
*Victoria -2 night stay Fairmont Empress Hotel
*Victoria-Butchart Gardens and scenic floatplane flight.
*Howe Sound-Shannon Falls-Whistler by coach 2 night stay Chateau Whistler. Free Choice Activity-Peak 2 Peak Gondola
*Hat Creek Ranch-Sun Peaks overnight stay Sun Peaks Resort
*SunPeaks-Mt Robson-Jasper 2 night stay The Fairmont Jasper Lodge. Free Choice Activity-Jasper Tramway
*Icefields Parkway-Glacier 'Ice Explorer'-Lake Louise overnight stay The Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise
*Emerald Lake-Banff-Sulphur Mt 2 night stay The Fairmont Springs  Banff Hotel. Free Choice Activity-Lake Cruise
*The Rocky Mountaineer-Kamloops by train
*The Rocky Mountaineer -Vancouver 2 night stay The Fairmont Hotel Vancouver
*Vancouver-Alaskan Cruise-Holland America's ms Zuiderdam 7 nights
*Juneau-Taku Glacier Lodge Feast & Flight by floatplane
*Skagway-White Pass Rail, Klondike Highway & Gold Camp  Adventure
*Ketchikan-Misty Fiords & Wilderness Explorer
*Glacier Bay-Ketchikan-Vancouver
*Vancouver-Sydney-Brisbane by plane (15 hours flight but we arrive 2 days later due to crossing the international date line)
23 days altogether
Then we'll need a rest to recover from a holiday...silly isn't it?
The Free Choice Activities are included in the fare. There are about 6 different activities to choose from in each location. There is a choice of restaurants for dining too.


  1. Diane, although you will be missed, I smile with anticipation at the joy of your posts on return.
    In the meantime hope to hear from you before your departure.

  2. I see you are so well prepared that you've even changed the header. We'll just be getting back from our trip when you start yours. If you enjoy yourself as much as we have been doing you are in for a great time.

  3. One trip I would always have liked to have done.
    I already follow Bill, so look forward to the posts.
    Have a wonderful time!!!

  4. How wonderful! I need to go to Victoria as we discovered we have cousins that live there!
    You will be missed but never forgotten - we'll look forward to your amazing photos and stories of your great adventure! Safe travels to you my friend :-)

  5. Your trip sounds wonderful Diane. Have a safe journey, lots of fun and come back with lots of happy memories.
    Melbourne Daily Photo

  6. That trip sounds wonderful and I can't wait to see your photos and posts when you return. (I will keep checking on Bill's blog to see wherre you are) Is the formal wear really formal ie black tie for the men and long dresses for the women? Could be fun and I hope you take photos of these occasions. Have a safe and enjoyable holiday, diane. Blessings. Jo

  7. I'm jealous. Sounds wonderful. The country up there is beautiful beyond words and any description. See if you could swing a jaunt over to Lake Louise. Incredible!

  8. Have a wonderful, wonderful trip, both of you. I look forward to your return, with tales to tell and photos to share.

  9. Wow---what a fabulous trip... I'm so envious... We hope to take an Alaskan Cruise next summer--but probably not that long...

    I'm so happy for you all. Hope you enjoy every single second.. We'll miss you though.

    I am following Bill's blog --so that I'll know where you are every day.


  10. Oh my gosh, your trip sounds wonderful! And what gorgeous photos you take. Have a great time!

  11. We don't leave for France for another 37 days, but today I am getting the case out and making up my packing list. I am buying a netbook so that I can blog along the way.

  12. Wow, Diane sounds like a wonderful trip. I did a cruise to Alaska from Seattle and loved it. The Canadian Rockies would be a great extra for me. Me and hubby love the mountains. Have a great time and take lots of photos for us to see when you get back. I am now following your hubby's blog too.

  13. My God DB & BB
    What a trip! Thank heavens the accommodation is included in the trip. You sure are staying in some luxurious hotels! "Chateau Lake Louise" - WOW WOW!!!! I have turned a terrible shade of GREEN and probably will remain so for the 23 days of your travels. Have fun and enjoy! Just have a little "martini" for me whilst you view the scenery from the balcony of the "Chateau Lake Louise" - OK?
    "Green with envy" Colin (HB)

  14. I, too, am more than a little green with envy! Shameful, but true! LOL You will have a wonderful time! I took you up on your little challenge, and have posted a less than flattering picture of myself on my blog! Funny!

    Have a great trip and keep the camera clicking!

  15. Yes Deb - took the liberty of looking at your blog. The photo is not really flattering, but at least we can see that you do have a nose!!!
    Can't wait until BB & DB arrive here - "Chateau Lake Louise" - they will certainly be showing themselves in all their finery!
    I continue to get "greener"!
    Kermit, the Green Frog!!!!!
    aka Colin (HB)

  16. Here are lots and lots of wishes for you and Bill to have a wonderful adventure. I know you will take lots of photos and I'm anxiously waiting to see them and read about your trip. Be sure to take pictures of you and Bill in formal wear...
    Have fun! Enjoy!

  17. Hi Callie

    I have suggested this for the "Fairmont Lake Lousie Chateau" at Banff:
    I think for formal gear - BB. White tie and tails. DB. A replica of that famous Sonya
    McMahon White House dress or the dress worn by Audrey Hepburn in "Breakfast at Tiffanys"!!
    As you live in California, you may be unaware of Sonya McMahon at the White House State dinner in the Nixon era. Just "google" Sonya McMahon and you will see "the Dress". President Richard Nixon's almost fell out!
    Have fun looking and then imagine Diane in the same.
    Colin - still going greener! Look out Kermit!

  18. Wonderful Diane...thank you for sharing your programme and look forward to seeing and hearing all your adventures upon your return.


  19. Oh what a wonderful trip you have planned!!! Have you been to the Canadian Rockies before? Or is this the first time? They are gorgeous!!! You will love Emerald Lake and Lake Louise. If Moraine Lake or Peyto Lake are options, hike in to see them too. Butchart Gardens in Victoria is also beautiful! I have never been up to Alaska, but my youngest sister spent two summers up there canning Salmon and she loved it. Have a wonderful time and I can't wait to see your pictures!!

  20. Have a wonderful, wonderful trip. I will look forward to your photos when you get back.....I think you will love the Butchart Gardens....they truly are stunning.

  21. Wow, Diane, this is the trip of a lifetime! Have a fantastic time and safe travels. I will look forward to seeing your photos and hearing all about your trip when you return home.

    We are going away on vacation soon, too, but nothing quite as grand as your trip! :)

  22. OMG, 14 h flight ! How terrible, but it's worthwhile to suffer to join a cruise ship ! I am enjoying my time in Eastbourne, only the weather could be a little better ! have a nice time !!

  23. wow that's a very full itininary. you will have a wonderful time. enjoy and happy landings

  24. That's a great itinerary Diane, you are going to love all of those places. Victoria Island is beautiful, I took the ferry over and that in itself was an adventure.

    I always thought Juneau was a somewhat strange little town but still fun. Don't miss Mendenhall Glacier.

  25. Wow! That's a fabulous itinerary!! We'll miss you here for so long... :-(

  26. Oh my gosh Diane, this is going to be a fabulous trip. So excited for you and I look forward to hearing all about it on your return. Safe and happy travels!
    An English Girl Rambles

  27. Diane and Bill, the best of luck with everything (including all that delicious food!) on your trip.

    We have seen those scenic tour ads on the telly, and every time they come on Jez insists we are going "at the end of the year".

    Had better plant that money tree!

    Have a FABULOUS time!!!



  28. Hi Diane
    Sorry I missed this post. Happy holidays.

  29. Have a wonderful time Diane i`m sure you will and look forward to the holiday snaps..

  30. Great cow pics. Loved reading your blog. I'm from South Carolina, USA. Hope you can check out my blogs as well. Looking forward to the cruise pics.

  31. I have once again been in the hospital for 3 weeks. I missed your photography and beautiful life so much while there.

    You have a FANTASTIC time on this cruise and live a life a luxury and fun. You deserve it.

  32. Sooo jealous. Have the time of your life, and I'll be looking forward to some fabulous fotos. P.S. Emerald like is my idea of heaven on earth!

  33. Oh, I wish I'd been able to read your itenary before you left....I was away. O, I am sad. I would have made the trip up to Canada to take you to lunch or something! It's only about three hours to Vancouver and I could get to Victoria to see YOU, Diane. Rats!

    Well, I know you'll enjoy the scenery and I wish you a wonderful trip. I'll be waiting to read all about it when you return. Wave to me as you fly home!

    Michele in Edmonds, Washington

  34. Well ... c'mon ... git started woman!!

  35. Julie I am catching up on sleep and washing. It took 26 hours of travel time and waiting time to get home. I have over 1000 pics to sort. Give me a minute!