Brisbane, QLD

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


The road from Injune to Chinchilla runs through picturesque farmland. 

After Chinchilla we headed for the Bunya Mountains.
Unfortunately it was raining, windy and cold so we didn't do any of the great forest walks. Instead we had a hotpot lunch and looked longingly out to the forest. (We must come back)
We drove via Kingaroy to Maidenwell where we stayed on a farm . The views were lovely and the air clean.
Next stop was Esk where I saw this heritage house which is now a cafe. 
We continued to Somerset Dam one of the main water storages for Brisbane. Mary enjoys the view.
Evening was falling so we pushed on to.....
..Scarborough on the northern outskirts of Brisbane. 
We stayed in a seaside resort.
On the last morning the sun greeted us before went to a parrot show at Glass House Mountains and then returned home.

In total we travelled 3,900k/2,418m and enjoyed every minute especially as we didn't know where we would end up each day on this mystery tour organised by our fellow traveller Ann.

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  1. Count me in, I'd do it all again - maybe even have a longer trip - like 3 weeks, to allow us to explore other interesting things along the way.

    We are so lucky in Australia to have such scenery, walks, beaches and small towns of interest to explore, and much, much more.

    Don't go without me if you go again. Ann J

  2. Oh diane, to me all so scenic and CLEAN! Sorry you never got to walking in the forest. I look forward to when you return and post about it. So many birds in a forest, I'm sure. Thanks for the lovely holiday! I had fun seeing all the beautiful places in Australia through your lens.

  3. Excellent coverage of your b/day trip - the map idea was great for overseas visitors to see the area that you covered. From the comments to you and Bill, it was all very much worth while - congratulations on a job well done.
    Pity about the Brahman cow, you were certainly not up that close, now were you? Come-on, admit it?
    Colin (HB)
    PS: Hopefully see you and the gang at "Des Alps" for Swiss/horse/wattle day?????

  4. The South Burnett is the land of my birth. Nice to see it though different eyes.

  5. NO Colin I didn't get too close. I used a telephoto lens and cropping for the close up of the Brahman cow. Did you see how the light hit its eyelashes and the piece of straw in its mouth...that is what i liked about the shot.

  6. I wish I lived in that heritage house!!!!! I LOVE it!!
    Sorry you had rain on the last day of your trip.

  7. Thank you so much for taking me along on your trip. It was fun. I can't wait till the next trip!

  8. Wow ---what an incredible trip, Diane. Thanks for the map... Ann did a great job of planning... It was all just perfect.

    Do you have a favorite place that your visited on this particular trip? George and I always find certain places which we will return to sometime.

    Send us some of your cool weather and rain. It's terribly hot here and DRY...


  9. Unfortunately even the nicest trips have an end ! Have really enjoyed your sightseeing tour !

  10. I enjoyed the vicarious travel! Thanks for taking us all along.

  11. Have so enjoyed sharing this with you. You certainly had a wonderful trip. Those distances are unheard of to us in this tiny island Britain!

  12. I love to travel like this ...just drive and see the sights along ther way with no pacticular itinerary. Every place you visited had wonderful sights to see. I loved the daybreak photo!

  13. unbelievably had such an amazing journey! And such sweet memories...

  14. Another great post on your trip, Diane! I love all the photos and the seaside resort looks like a great place to stay.