Southern Highlands, NSW, Australia

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Newstead House in the last post is surrounded by nice parkland with some very old and interesting trees and flowers.

Unusual seed pods and I couldn't find a name for the tree.
Xavi has just told me it is called "Kigelia africana.

The flower of the same tree.


  1. Almost makes me homesick for Cairns....then a phone call from someone there tells me it's bucketing down and as humid as a sauna and I snap out of it!

    Gorgeous shots Diane!



  2. What beautiful plants you've shown us. I haven't seen anything like the seed pods you've pictured. They're very different.

  3. You have the most beautiful and amazing flora. I so appreciate your posting of it for us.


  4. Wow what a gorgeous place, Diane. Those seed pods are strange looking for sure... But the flowers are marvelous. I'd love to sit on that little bench!!!


  5. What a great post, so many beautiful photos. Those seed pods are really interesting, and i love the hibiscus, too. Also - your header shot is so pretty!

  6. Hi Diane,
    I love all your pictures.
    The name of the tree is: Kigelia africana

    Have a nice day.

  7. wonderful photos as usual. always so interesting. :)

  8. Diane, you do take us on some lovely walks. More outstanding photographs! Thank you for educating me on the toad problem in Australia by the way. I found it very interesting seeing the other side of things. People did tend to make a right mess introducing these critters into other habitats didn't they, all over the world I think?

  9. That tree has some amazing seed pods. Thank you for the lovely visit to the park. Sigh... I would love to spend time there.

  10. Hi Diane! The Flower Festival is going to take place in Madeira Island next April, but you just anticipated it on your blog...
    Wonderful shots!

    The Mayan ruins of Tulum are at Blogtrotter 2 for you to enjoy. Have a great week!!

  11. Beautiful park and I love those pods. I want to open up one.

  12. As I sit here with 5 inches of new snow (!) your summer-beautiful pictures are both interesing and very appreciated!

  13. Kigelia africana - the common name is Sausage Tree and refers to the long, sausage-like fruit.

    The fruit is a woody berry from 30–100 cm long and up to 18 cm broad; it weighs between 5–10 kg. Planting sites should be selected carefully, as the falling fruit can cause serious injury to people, and damage vehicles parked under the trees!!

    It is eaten by several species of mammals, including Baboons, Bush pigs, Savannah Elephants, Giraffes, Hippopotami, monkeys, and porcupines. ("Wiki" info) ☺