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Saturday, March 6, 2010


This old computer was a hand me down from Bill, when he got an iMac 14 months ago. I coaxed the old thing along but finally the hard drive started clattering away and warning messages flashing up all the time and it finally died all together. When it started getting bad I quickly backed up my files. I just hope I have got them all safely on my cute little external hard drive.
I swapped the big ugly tower, monitor, speakers and keyboard for a neat little MacBook, which I can take on holidays.
We were so lucky when we strolled into the shop because the sales assistant was just putting SALE labels on the MacBooks. This is pretty rare fore Apple products.
Am I excited?
What do I do now? Read the book or do the boy thing and just press buttons and see what happens.
After hours of frustration I made my first blog. See the cute Magic Mouse, no cables, no buttons, no wheel. As the computer was reduced we got the mouse as its easier than the pad. We also got a carry bag at half price. You just stroke the mouse with your finger and it works like a wheel or press it and it works like buttons. It sure is magic. I have the external hard drive connected and my old printer but not the scanner as it didn't have a USB plug...drats. Since it is still raining (getting sick of it now) it is a good time to learn more about this machine, except I'm off to Sydney for the day tomorrow and then back to work from Monday to Wednesday. Hope I haven't bored you with my (bragging) happiness.


  1. Ooooh Boy!!! Love that MacBook! I wanted one, but was gifted a tower instead. I was happy to get a computer, but I would still love a laptop.

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    Hope those directions are clear enough?

    Ask me for more info if you need. Happy to help!

    Have fun with your MacBook!

  2. Thank you Callie, so easy when you know.

  3. Lucky you, I would like to have one to travel with too!

  4. I love computers ... ever since meeting my first one at Uni and immediately changing my course to computer science 39 years ago (eeek) ... so naturally I loved your post.

  5. Wow ! congratulations ! that's a good buy ! I hate these big towers too. I first had a laptop but then I found the screen too small and sold it on Ebay. As I don't know anything of Apple, I bought an emachine you can see it in the header of my Writer Cramps blog. It has no tower either everything is in the screen. It's even cheaper then a computer with tower ! I only payed 400 €. For travelling I have a little notebook the size of a real book that's very practical because I can carry it in a little toilet bag with all the accessoires, nobody would ever think that I have a computer in there.
    Isn't it fun with a good equipment ?

  6. love it. it's too cute. isn't it exciting getting something new like that? you can play and explore to your heart's content. and .... you deserve it lol

  7. Looks just like mine, Diane, but I don't have the fancy mouse...

    HP and Epson printers (we have one of each) are less than $100 --and work well. Check them out.

    How are the kids doing in Sydney?? Found a place to live? Jobs????

    Have fun.

  8. Congrats on your new MacBook. It's really cute. I'm going to get a new laptop in a few weeks, but I'm a PC so mine will be either an HP or a Dell.

  9. I'm jealous. I loved having a laptop. My back always kills me at this desk. Congrats though!

  10. Hi Diane! Your new toy looks great, but still I have some difficulties in joining the Mac legion of fans... Anyhow, taking a computer in holidays is entirely out of question... ;))

    Blogtrotter 2 has moved to the Reggae Land. Enjoy and have a great week ahead!!

  11. Love the colour of your laptop, and it's extremely handy for travel as you will find out.
    I take mine each week to my dads and use it at night, it's ideal for my situation.
    I still have my tower pc as well and will replace it either this year or next.
    It's wonderful to have a new gaget to play with, so have fun and I look forward to your posts using your new laptop.

  12. You sure have traded in all the junk that used to occupy your workbench. Lucky you. I sill have a tower although it is smaller than yours. I suspect it is good for me not to take a computer on my holidays.

  13. Very cool new MacBook, I can tell from the smile on your face that you love it. My first computer was a Mac but now I'm a PC. I'm looking at netbooks and might pick up one for travel.

    Just start pushing those keys and having fun.

  14. Go the mighty Mac....never bored Diane reading of your adventures....I love my Mac!!

  15. Well worth getting excited about I should think.....even if it is giving brain overload.