Southern Highlands, NSW, Australia

Thursday, March 11, 2010


We have friends staying for a few days. Peter and Margaret. They come from Maitland in NSW. I first met Peter at ASOPA (Australian School of Pacific Administration, where we trained to be teachers 48 years ago. Peter Taught aboriginal children in the Northern Territory, I taught in Papua/New Guinea. As Peter and Margaret were in town we rang a few other ex students of ASOPA, Colin, and Richard and wife Josephine and asked them to join us for lunch at Cleveland. We had a good time reminiscing, unfortunately three out of the seven meals were not very nice.  

From left Josephine, Bill, Colin, Richard, Peter and Margaret.


  1. That's nice to meet old friends ! For once meals were not good ? So I am not getting hungry !

  2. So, that's why I don't read you at Blogtrotter! ;)

  3. Old friends are just the best, aren't they! You enjoy yourself this week.


  4. Well, that's disappointing, huh? At least you all got together and that's what counts!

  5. It is great to get together and visit, but it is a bummer when the meal is bad. Won't go to that place again I bet.

    It's wonderful that you can share old times!

  6. Guess you won't go back to that restaurant, will you???? Did you all complain????? You all eat out ALOT---and seldom have a bad meal. SO--I guess it's okay to get a bad one every once in awhile...

    I'm sure you enjoyed being with your friends though. That was what was really important.

    We had a wonderful Birthday celebration and got home today!!! I'll post a blog tomorrow morning.

  7. We are almost neighbours of Peter and Margaret Diane as Maitland is our closest regional town.
    Bad food is so disappointing. I am sure the company of long time friends provided some compensation.

  8. Nice dispatch and this mail helped me alot in my college assignement. Thank you for your information.

  9. Dear fellow commentators.

    The meal at this establishment was not QUITE "up to scratch" as the saying goes, however, the day was most enjoyable because we like "our reunions" for lunches etc. It is more the enjoyment than the food.
    The attendant, previously called a "waitress", but now not politically correct jargon, had 9 years experience as "waitressing" in top restaurants in New York.
    I spoke with this "waitress" at the bar area and warned her that I was difficult to please, so when she came to accept the orders, she sat down, rather than stand, and went through our requests one by one. I was left till last!
    I told her exactly what I wanted on my plate. Then she informed us all, and me especially, that I was a "NOVICE" as compared to what she had to put up with the New Yorkers, USA.
    My meal was excellent - just as ordered.
    Diane is correct, overall, it was a "let down" meal but you tell me what restaurant in the World doesn't have one "let down day"???

    It was the company that counted, not the meal, however, a better meal would have been appreciated by us all. It was a great time.


  10. Good company, good food and good wine! I have made the experience that the run of the mill restaurants are nothing to rave about. Very, very average, most of the time under average.

  11. I'm glad you had a nice visit with friends and former students, even if some of the meals left much to be desired. At least the companionship was good!

  12. I'm glad you all had such a good time even if some of the meals were not up to par. Company counts for a lot doesn't it? I have often said that when we have gone out to restaurants and had the occasional mediocre meal, the company was the best :)

  13. The meal aside, I find it astoundingly wonderful that you catch up with folk you have known for 48 years, that is since 1962!!

  14. Shame about the meals, especially as you may have felt responsible (even though you weren't) if you chose the restaurant, but I'm sure the company and the reminiscing more than made up for that.