Southern Highlands, NSW, Australia

Friday, February 26, 2010

Oh! To Buy a Car

So the young ones have come back from UK to settle in Australia. They have a challenge in front of them. They need to find somewhere to live, get a job and buy a car. They came to Brisbane to see family but now they are in Sydney.Their dilemma is what to do first. Find an apartment? Find a job? Buy a car? They decided they needed a car first so athey could: to drive around Sydney ;to look for somewhere to live; and to attend interviews; as well as transport their belongings to Sydney. Before they left for Sydney we took them car shopping............

As you can see David is quite a big fellow so we have to make sure that he fits comfortably in a car before buying.

We were driving them around in our BMW, which we bought just before Bill retired 5 years ago (in winter by the looks of the jumper). The young ones liked it and wanted to go to the BMW showroom to check out what was available.
The price of new ones, in the air conditioned showroom was a shock to the young ones, so we adjourned outside to the "used" ones. It was a stifling hot day, and the heat was reflecting off the concrete car yard.
They liked this small hatchback and the salesman took them for a test drive but first he took us into the cool air conditioned restaurant and told the assistant to give us a free coffee and muffin. He was looking at a car sale here!
While we waited in the cool showroom we were amused by this little number.
It is a BMW Isetta 300 3 wheeler. For more info on it see Bill's blog
The young ones returned but didn't go ahead with the sale as David found it too small. So they tried this Mini Cooper but he had the same problem. Later that day they found the car they want. It is a Mazda hatchback, but they couldn't get finance because they don't have a job or an address. So now they have borrowed my little Hyundai Getz, which is actually big enough for David to be comfortable. See my earlier post


  1. you both look good with your snazzy red BMW. In a years time the young couple will have settled in, look back and say, that was not that hard!
    This three wheeler is a funny little number. But why not, my daughter drives a red Skoda, diesel, and it looks a bit different.In the beginning when she had it, people would always make remarks about it. It is very economical.

  2. I had to laugh when I saw the Isetta ! I still remember when there were quiet a lot on the streets in Bonn (Germany) where I lived as a child. My father thought to buy one, because these cars were affordable but as I was there too, it was too small for two adults and a child. It was the first car after war which the "middle class" could by. Not many people had a car at that time. I am talking about 1951-55. He then bought a Lloyd which had 4 places and if I remember well it parts of it was made in wood, lol !

  3. Love your little red beamer!! It's tough and a "catch 22" when you can't get a job because you have no can't get a car because you have no car..and you can't get an apartment because you have neither!
    Good luck to them - and with those smiles, I can see they are optimistic and happy!

  4. Diane;) your BMW is the exact colour red I love. You both look so good standing there and have not aged a bit! I firmly believe it won't be long and they'll have a job, an address and a car! Amazing that your little Hyundai fits David. Thanks for the bling post!

  5. Yes! I love your little red car too! I always loved visiting the car lots and looking at the different cars. Coffee and muffins make it even more fun.
    You two are such good parents! Your children will do well.

  6. Oh to be young again ---and out there looking for a job, an apartment and a car..... NOT!!!! I'll keep my ole' retirement routine---with none of that stress on me!!! BMW's here are VERY expensive.. But--they are good cars.

    Hope the kids have GOOD luck in Sydney.

  7. The joys of looking forward to getting a new life with new things to plan on.

    I'll bet that book is worth a small fortune. And even if it isn't, just because it is part or your family it is priceless.


  8. Ah the joys and tribulations of car shopping ;) A new start in Sydney? Wish them all the best from me. Always exciting to move to a new area and no doubt you will be heading to see them soon. How far is it?

  9. I'm impressed that they gave you muffins! I've never seen anything like that little BMW before - it's rather cute!

  10. Diane, a BMW car is very expensive here! Your red one is beautiful.

    My daughter has a Honda Civic. She was in a very serious car accident last year and I believe that car saved her life. It has five star crash ratings and crumpled up to take all the impact, while she was just shook up. The car was totalled so she bought another Civic as she liked it so much.

    Your young ones look happy and excited about being back in Australia. I wish them the very best and I know things will work out for them over time. It's just a matter of doing it one day at a time.

    We had 19 inches of snow yesterday! I am looking forward to Spring!

  11. Yeah the joys of looking for a car and nothing worse then finding the one you want and not being able to get finance.

    So maybe a place to live and a job need to come first.

  12. Difficult job finding a suitable, decent and not expensive car... Probably worse finding a job... No?