Daisy Hill Forest, Qld, Australia

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Look What the Rain Did!

It has rained for a few days at last and the weather is hot and humid. These white flowers were all dead last week but now they have all shot back up in a few days from little bulbs in the ground. Unfortunately I can't remember the name of them. Hopefully someone can help me out.

The buds are pretty too.

It has suddenly come to me. They are called Crocus.
I have since been informed that they are not crocus but Storm Lilies.


  1. It's strange what rain can make. I don't know flower names, and I don't care, for me a flower is beautiful or ugly, no name needed, lol !
    I wonder why our flowers are not all been drowned, with all the rain we have, lol !
    but today it snowed and all is white. The sun is shining and I think I should do some photohunting !

  2. Rain is so restorative. I have been checking on the Bureau's site each day to see what was in store and most of the colourful imagery was over your city!!

    No idea what the flowers are. Joan is a walking encyclopaedia on that sort of thing.

  3. Glad you've had some rain at last. Just what the flowers and plants need. Happy New Year to you and all good wishes for 2010.

  4. Hi Diane! Happy New Year!!
    We also are having lots of rain here; too much for our taste... But we don't see those growing in the city... ;)

    Meanwhile Blogtrotter has reached 500 posts on all blogs with some views of «La Petite France, Strasbourg»! Enjoy and have a first great week in 2010!!!

  5. Beautiful...especially since it's so cold here (2 degree F). I had to laugh when I saw the title of your blog....I think it's already too late for me. :)

  6. It's amazing what rain brings to life after drought and these beautiful white blossoms are a delight for sure! Crocus here in Southern California look a bit different than these. Thanks so much for sharing and have a lovely Sunday (oops ... it's Monday there isn't it?) so have a wonderful week ;-)
    Hugs and blessings,

  7. Lovely! This state needs rain so bad it's pathetic. I was driving out to the kids house yesterday. Even the saquaro's look so terribly dry. We haven't had a good rain in a year or more. I noticed it that way when I drove to California over Christmas.

  8. Those are so pretty! Wish I knew their name. Love that we are getting rain too!

  9. rain is always welcome. going to be super hot this week again. i love croci. Fran

  10. Isn't it lovely what a little liquid sunshine will do? You've got some great shots of those little beauties Diane. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Hi Diane, Although your little white flowers are beautiful, they look quite a bit different from our Crocuses. BUT--you are probably right.. Whatever they are, they are gorgeous....

    Glad you finally got some rain down there. It's colder than cold here (low of 7 degrees tonight).... Brrrrrrrrr..

    Love your header!!!

  12. Amazing Diane that Crocus grow at your house, lovely bulbs and your pictures too.
    No rain down this end of the world, we have had lovely weather and everything is drying out.

  13. YEAH! For you and the rain! I love that fact that a plant can stay dormant for a long, long time then when the moisture gets just right it can grow again.


  14. Those flowers remind me of snow drops that come up about this time in the winter. The crocus sure is pretty. Now I want to plant some bulbs. Sure glad we both have rain!

  15. Isn't it amazing how a good rain can revive so much beauty. The crocus look so happy.

    Hope you are having a great New Year,

  16. Yes, now I remember that in Qld the crocus pop up from the ground after rain. Nice shots.

  17. Lovely. Sounds like pretty hardy plants.