Brisbane, QLD

Thursday, December 31, 2009


We had a roller coaster ride through 2009. Some very sad times and some very exciting times.

On 18 January my brother, David, succumbed to liver cancer. He lived in London with his wife Ann. The last time we met was in September 2008 in Switzerland (above). I was lucky to spend 6 wonderful days with him.
In February Sonya flew from Sydney to have a birthday lunch with her father. Her sister Carol-Ann was also visiting us from London. It was one of those rare times when we were altogether (except for their partners)
In March we did a road trip to Sydney, exploring new roads and new places on the way. We stayed at Bondi Beach (above) with Sonya and Bernie. We had lovely walks along the coast line.
In April we flew to Townsville (tropical far north Queensland) with a group of friends and Birthday Bear to surprise another of our friends for her birthday. We had loads of fun for the 4 days we were there. Also in April, I took on a 10 week contract at school teaching children with learning difficulties.

In May we did some day trips. One was to the country town of Kooralbyn to visit Martin and Judith. Above is the view from their house.

Martin and Bill went to Kindergarten together in Switzerland. Sadly Martin had an accident recently. He fell from his roof while doing maintenance and broke his back. He is still in hospital now. May wasn't a good month for me as I had to have an ovary and cyst removed. There were a few complications and it took a long time to recover.

In June it was my turn to receive Birthday Bear. She was dressed in her gardening clothes with a barrow load of lemons.

July: Winter is here and it is a great time for walking. We went on many river walks. Above we met friends, Joan and Norm, at the Ipswich River Heart Parklands for a walk.

August is another great month for walking and exploring. We found quite a few new wetlands in our area with nice walkways. I also got a new camera,Canon EOS 1000D. So I have much learning to do.

At the end of August and the beginning of September we went on a memorable trip to The Kimberley and Top End. A trip I have wanted to do for years. It was fabulous.We flew with six friends to Broome and then joined a small group tour to Darwin in a 4 wheel drive small bus/truck.

We had a helicopter flight over the Bungle Bungle Range.

We went for many spectacular river gorge cruises.

We did some walks into gorges too. It was very hot reaching 40C sometimes. A trip we will remember forever. The scenery, wildness and remoteness was unbelievable.

In October I got hooked on photographing birds.

In November we got wonderful news. Our daughter and her celebrity partner are going to have our first grandchild. Bernie is in a TV soap and also the host of "Beauty and the Geek." So the news was written up in New Idea magazine. We were a very proud. (click on the pages to make them readable)

We even had more good news this month. Carol-Ann and David, who have been living in London for many years have decided to come home and start a new life in Australia. So we are are really excited about this even if they live in Sydney or Melbourne, which is likely due to their occupations, we don't mind. They will be much closer than London.

Well, we reached December, which is a bonus when getting older, so we partied hard. We had many reunion dinners and friends group lunches. Great fun and good food and fatter tummies. Guess what my New Year's Resolution is?
Tonight we are going to the New Year's Pop Orchestral Concert at QPAC Concert Hall, which is at South Bank Parklands where 100,000 people are expected for the fireworks celebration. We are going by train as there will be nowhere to park. So this will be an interesting night especially as I'm not fond of crowds.



  1. Hi Diane and BB ( or is that MY GOOD MAN?)

    Well, Eccles, ( my new name courtesy of BB) is most impressed with your summation of 2009 from the Bohlen household. Let's hope that 2010 will be just as rewarding for us all, you two, will be in 7th. heaven with both girls here in Australia with you. Looking forward to more get-togethers for good food and the little "libations" which accompany such lunches! Hope that the train trip after the concert tonight is safe?

    Looking forward to more interesting blog photos and accounts of life here in Australia from you in 2010.

    "Yellow Mellow"

  2. Happy New Year to you and Bill also Diane. It has been a good year in so many ways. Here is to the new grandbaby in 2010.

  3. Diane, I wish you and your family all the best in 2010. Happy New Years.

  4. Heisann!
    I wish you a wonderful and peaceful new year with lots of creativity, energy, experience and good health!
    Greetings from Bjorg Nina

  5. Happy New Year, Diane and Bill. I think I only "met" you on blogger after the middle of 2009 and it was good to be filled in about the first half of your year. Sad to have lost a brother - he died on the same date as my mum did in 2002. Only that was her and my dad' (who had died sixteen months earlier) 55th wedding anniversary had they both still been here. SOOO super to have Carol Anne and David closer to you. Your bird photography is amazing. Enjoy your outing "tonight" which is already on the go for you yet only afternoon in South Africa!

  6. Happy New Year, Diane, and best wishes to you and yours for 2010. I am so glad we found each other this year and look forward to enjoying more of your offerings from Australia in the year ahead.

  7. Hi Diane, Love your capture of 2009 showing your life. Sorry about your brother. Glad you did have some time with him though... I didn't know about your surgery either. That must have been a long, slow process. Glad you are okay.

    I started reading your blog during your wonderful trip to the Kimberley. That had to be the BEST highlight of your year (other than the great family news)... Thanks for sharing.

    Happy New Year.

  8. wow what a year and in pictures too. congratulations on the upcoming birth of your first grandchild. happy news. and your daughter living much closer is great for all. wishing you and your family a wonderful joy filled 2010. X Fran

  9. You had quite a year. Life is a blending of gain and loss, and you tell your story beautifully. Thank you. God bless your 2010.

  10. Happy New Year! That was a quite a photo trip through the year! Very sad about your brother, but very glad you are feeling better. Wonderful photos! I'm looking forward to some super photos of the fireworks.

  11. Happy New Year Mum and Dad!! I loved the summary of your year! It was interesting to read through it again! You're a great blogger Mum!

    9 more sleeps until we leave London!

  12. Lovely illustrated review of your year! Sorry about the loss of your brother. My brother was also named David and died in September of 1999 after a long illness. I was fortunate to spend most of the summer with him as caretaker while his wife worked.

    May the new decade bring you and yours joyful opportunities and experiences!
    Hugs and blessings,

    I shared Blue Skies & Random Reflections for 2009 at Sacred Ruminations.

  13. So sorry I missed this rundown on Thursday, Diane. You have had an eventful 2009. And twenty ten is going to be absolutely wonderful!

  14. Love the re-cap of your 2009 year! There is a bit of every thing in this post..

    Have a great New Year, Diane!