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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Port Hacking High School Turns 50

Between 1955 and 1958 I attended Sutherland High School in Sydney but by 1959 the school was not large enough to accommodate the booming babies so a new high school called Port Hacking High School was built at Miranda. I was in Fifth year, the final year of high school (now it is called Year 12). So we were lucky to be the first students to attend this brand new school.
Next weekend the school is celebrating it's 50th birthday. Unfortunately I will not be there as we are going on holidays so I will celebrate on my blog.

The first prefects of Port Hacking high School, 1959

PHHS Hockey Team 1959

PHHS Athletics Team, 1959

PHHS Swimming Team, 1959. (Dig the daggy swim suits)

Biology excursion to study life on the water's edge at the beach.

Skiing Camp. (You can find those skis in a museum now)

Summer uniform.

I'm presenting a slide show.(before computers)

On the last day of school we gave our form master, Mr Walshe, a brief case.


  1. Hi Diane, Our lives really are parallel in many ways. I too went to a brand new school my Senior year (12th grade). Ours wasn't a very good experience though since they got rid of so many of the great traditions we loved so much. Our 50th reunion is next year also. I will probably go.

    Looks like you were really into sports; I was really into music in high school.

    My blogger dashboard is still out. I will add you as a follower on my blog once they come back...


  2. Fabulous photographs. In particular I loved the one with the vintage skis. My husband still skis with a pair of old ones. They get a lot of attention.

    I thank you for visiting my blog recently. I'm glad I finally made it over here for this delightful post.

  3. Ah wonderful nostalgla! And how come you haven't changed one iota from those high school photos, except that your hair is now a different colour? What elixir form of water and from what source are you drinking? Please send some across to me.
    The presentation of the brief case to the form master - well these days the poor fellow would be lucky to get a "thank you" and in some areas may be presented with a bomb in a bag!
    Thanks for the memories.

  4. Wonderful to have such good photos and the memories that go with them. May I say that you were a very pretty girl, and obviously a very athletic one too.

    Shame you can't go to the celebrations. Do you still keep in touch with any of your schoolfriends?

  5. You really haven't changed very much! Good for you!


  6. great photos.. Diane....keep up the great work.from Alma

  7. Love the photos......did you enjoy your time at school? Me I didn't and was glad to leave although I was a good kid never skipped school and only ever had 1 or 2 days off school per year.

  8. Enjoyed the photographs Diane....and looking forward to the photos from your impending trip

    lizzie b

  9. Hi Dianne - I am in your hockey photo - the one next to Phillipa Hart - I was in 2nd year when you were in 5th and I also emigrated - but from Scotland and just got off the ship in February 1959 and went straight to Port Hacking. I went to the 50th Anniversary Dinner and about 14 of your 5th year classmates attended. Great to see all those photos. Regards Helen Ridley (now MacGregor)

  10. Mum! You haven't changed a bit! Great photos!