Daisy Hill Forest, Qld, Australia

Monday, August 17, 2009

Packed and Ready to Go

At 5:30 am (groan) we make our way to the airport. The company we booked the tour with, "Outback Spirit" sent us a backpack, with a cap, sunscreen, mini binoculars, maps, towel and travel wallet. It is a nice idea but I don't like the packs very much. They are too big. I would rather go without the goodies and get a discount instead. They also gave us a list of things that we need to pack and then promptly said we have a limit of 16 kg/35 lbs. for the suit case and 3 kg/7lbs for the pack.

Well its done now. See you in 2 weeks


  1. Have a wonderful trip, Diane. Take lots of pictures to share.

  2. How exciting!!! Have a wonderful time Diane. Will look forward to hearing all about it on your return.

  3. Oh.....This brings back memories.....I did a 3 week bus/tent trip (20 years ago) from Perth to Kununurra.... it was very basic but I too got a bag from memory.... I do remember the foam mattresses and the thrill of soaking all the red dust off me in a chlorinated pool at the end of the trip....

    Looking forward to the photos....

  4. Have a wonderful safe time and we'll expect tonzzz of great photos!

  5. Oh wonderful! HAVE FUN!


  6. Hope you have a great trip and really enjoy it.

  7. Have a wonderdul time Diane and can`t wait to see the pics...

  8. Sorry I missed saying goodbye and have a wonderful trip but I hope you do. It looks like a great adventure and I can't wait to see the photos and hear all the stories.


  9. I have had a wonderful time reading your following posts Diane. What a fantastic adventure you are having. Loved all those photos, just brilliant! Thank you so much for sharing your travels with us.