Brisbane, QLD

Saturday, August 15, 2009


We have had adventures in many parts of Australia but we have never been to the Kimberley and Top End regions, but next Tuesday we are off to see that exotic hot corner of our land.
We fly from Brisbane to Sydney and then over to Broome. There we pick up a small group tour.
We travel by 4 Wheel Drive, Mercedes, air conditioned bus through the outback to Darwin and then fly back to Brisbane. The trip to Broome takes 8 hours, then 14 days on the road and the flight home takes 4 hours. Its a big country. I hope we cope with the heat up there. So you won't be hearing from me until we get back in about 2 weeks time.


  1. What a wonderful trip, wish I was going with you.
    I do like Broome along with Darwin. I adore the winter early spring up along there.
    You have a lovely holiday, and looking forward to your photos.
    Safe journey.

  2. What fun! Have a great time.
    Sunny :)

  3. Sounds fun. Wish I was there!

  4. Enjoy yourselves! That looks like quite an adventure. I hope you'll post about it!

  5. That sounds like quite a trip! Hope you have a wonderful time.

  6. oh wow, you enjoy your trip, and keep safe then! will wait for the pictures, ma'am...

  7. Have a wonderful trip, Diane. Make the most of that new camera so that we will all be green with envy when you post them on return.

    Safe travelling.

  8. Hi Diane!
    14 days on the road must have been gorgeous!!

    Blogtrotter is leaving Iceland, but before departing it shows you the incredible Blue Lagoon. Enjoy and have a fabulous week!