Brisbane, QLD

Monday, February 23, 2009


OOPS I should have done this post on the 22 Feb as this was the day my pics were published on TODAY"S FLOWERS.

Have you ever watched a palm tree flower? I watched this one over a period of 5 days.

Day one.

Day two.

Day three.

Day four

Day five.

Some weeks later

I love flowers and photographing them but I am hopeless at remembering their names.

A ginger plant flower


  1. This is really beautiful and interesting series of flower photos. Palm tree flower is especially interesting to me. I have never seen it in private as well as those beautiful flowers on the last three photos. So lovely and delicate flowers, indeed!

  2. Beautiful and good documentation of palm tree flowers.
    Other are beautiful too and I like that ginger plant flower.

  3. Hi Diane; You pay a nice tribute to some of our wonderful flowers. Also love the flowers of the palms. I am always delighted to see them emerge from their sheath. The ginger is very exotic looking. Thank you for your kind comment on Under a hotter Sun. Had my last visit to Europe and Switzerland in autumn 2007. It was great!

  4. Lovely photos and I do like the sequence of the flowering palm shots.

  5. The last two photos are so beautiful! So tropial. I wonder where is this taken.

  6. How neat! I've never seen a palm bloom - and it looked like it was growing a ...mop! Love the flowers, especially since the winter has been or seems to be sooo long! Thanks for brightening my Monday!

  7. Hello Diane,

    Good idea the photos of palm tree.

    Thanks for the participation.


  8. Fantastic flower photos. I enjoyed the process of the palm tree flower blooming and all the other flowers were very enjoyable. Thank you.

  9. Hi, Diane!

    It's nice to follow the growth of a flower.And a good idea for a post.
    Beautiful your palm tree.

  10. Thank you for all your great pictures!
    The flowers and plants are beautiful.
    Very interesting!!
    We went last year to Germany and Sweden..
    Both countries are wonderful to visit.
    But home is home:)

  11. Diane you know how much I love flowers and plants....The palm is stunning...We don`t get much in the way here that flowers so it was great to see thank you....
    I hope to get back into my gardening soon...The weather hasn`t been to favourable of late....I lost many through this summer and will have to start over again....
    This weather can be awfully harsh at times....

  12. beautiful! love the flowers so much. I got a fright when my palm flowered for the first time, home alone, at 4am a sudden loud bang on the eaves just outside the bedroom.... I froze, waiting for more noise to propel me to panic stations, when nothing more followed I figured I was safe from burglars. In the daylight I went outside to find the hard outer shell/bark that had covered the flower is what had fallen and hit the roof scaring the s*it out of me. I forgave the tree because the flower was just so quirky and beautiful, I too, took photos.
    xxx Starry

  13. Hi Diane!
    Now all is OK!!!
    Beautiful post very interesting plant!
    Thanks for sharing!


  14. Hi Diane,

    I've been out of the blogging game for the last week and am just catching back up. Interesting shots of a palm tree. I've never seen them quite like that -- of course we don't have too many palm trees here in Minnesotsa! :)

  15. Such an amazing journey with your flowers. Thanks for sharing these. I have never seen these before.

  16. Beautiful shots Diane, I can almost smell their perfume.

    Palms flowering up here means bats. Bats squealing through the night, bats dropping pooh over eveything and making a mess everywhere. I like them although their pooh is stronger than paint stripper. My neighbour goes so far as to cut the flowering spikes before they even open.

    Gorgeous shots!

  17. Hello Diane,
    Lovely photos, you have done well. I took a photo up north of the birds on those berries.

  18. Beautiful photography, Diane! Who cares what the names are---I wouldn't know anyway, but I sure do like the pictures.

  19. I must say I'm so impressed with your pictures, you really captured the essence of the flowers. Well done!

  20. I knew it was ready to flower!! So sad to miss the live show, the photo sequence is great! They flower so quickly don't they!
    Love Carol

  21. Stunning and inspiring photos. I didn't know that the palm tree would have such a magnificent outcome. Thanks for sharing :)

  22. Oh my ... what a LOVELY series of photos sharing this amazing event!

  23. Thanks so much for showing the Palm Tree in the process of blooming. That's an occurrence that I probably would otherwise never have seen. Your other tropical flowers are beautiful!!