Brisbane, QLD

Sunday, February 8, 2009

BB Begins Blogging about Flood and Fire

BB who loved making videos for You Tube (see side panel) has now started blogging. Today his post is about the floods and fires that Australia is suffering at the moment.
Check out pics and videos on his post: Click here

Chez's blog also brings home the human anguish of the fires in Victoria. Click here

Lizzy too, has pics here


  1. Oh my gosh Diane, BB's videos are wonderful. I love the Matterhorn one with the St. Bernards - of course, you know me and them animals!

    I also really love the hashbrown video. Tell BB I am making some of these next weekend!

    I think he needs to add one thing. On the windmill video, I think the song "Windmills of My Mind" would be fantastic. I found a wonderful version by Henry Mancini at Rhapsody. I think this will get him to it. I adore Windmills!

  2. Hi there....just posted a comment, but not sure whether it got through.

    have checked out Bill's work - he has done well.

    Also, checked out your tribute to your late brother - it was beautiful...

    Take care....Kim

  3. Thanks for your comments and supporting BB in his blogging beginnings

  4. hello Diane, its Starry formerly of bigblog, I have finally made the switch for good to blogger and hope to follow your adventures and those of Birthday Bear too. I am so sorry to see your brother has moved on from this life, but I know he is close at heart, I do hope you find comfort even in your sorrow. My loving thoughts, Starry

  5. Great information on BB's blog. I have been following the fires, especially, and am just heartsick at the loss of life and property.

  6. I am so sorry to hear about the fires, the destruction and the death..I am sooo sorry.

    I can't wait to view his blog and videos- I just wanted to send by regards to you..

  7. I have been following the fires and thinking about my friend in Australia. I certainly hope things end soon, and that you and all your loved ones remain safe!

  8. Just checked out Bill's blog. Thanks for the tip. How are you two doing in all of this mess?

  9. He certainly is a dedicated blogger your Bill!

    It is so hard to comprehend that all of this heartache is happening to the one country. Such sadness is washing over it in waves.

    I hope relief comes soon to all who need it.

  10. Ok, I'm sure I have missed out on a lot, but what does BB stand for? I'm not going to list the possibilites I have thought up.

    That's rough about the floods and fires, I guess extreme weather is becoming all to common the world over at the moment.